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  1. hi any one no about painting stone chip i have an engine bay to pay and i useing paintable stone chip . do you have to paint it straight away after applied the stone chip or can I paint it a week later any info would be grateful cheers
  2. hi chap i tried to get one but unable to trw dont make them no more so i taking them of and putting new pipes on and going to put adjustable bias valves in line with the pipes then take to mates garage and adjust the valves on his rollers job done
  3. has it got efi on inlet manifold or load of red fuel pipes ever were
  4. enjoy chap if you got a wife drop her a few quid to go shopping and you crack on with the car worked for me but now i doing xr2 she want double lol
  5. och not good mate
  6. take seat out lie on your back take a pic of the pedal assy and make shore the spacer go back in the right place also put someting soft to lie on you going to need it lol pig of a job enjoy
  7. jinks


    use multi meter to test
  8. just spoken to mate said check the cold starter solenoid might be stuck think it on the inlet
  9. check your air pipes might be sucking in air that will cause high revs mate look at the vacuum pipe from service to manifold
  10. hi jon not to shore with mfi not big fan they have problems with the metering unit mine efi some one befor me had drilled out the tps sensor on throtle body so it would tick over high , check the flap on it
  11. should just be able to change the cv not all the drive shaft its more likely it the outer cv held on by serclip
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