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  1. hi has any1 or knws any1 what has or knws were i can get the white injector sleeves for mfi , i only need one any help or info would be gratefully appreciated thanks
  2. Hi ollie thanks for replying , i thought they was the same size frame and you have also confirmed what i was thinking that the vinyl as shrunk. And regarding the white roof i cant find a secondhand one lol Thanks again for your advice
  3. hi ive got a mk3 se cabby im restoring and ive recently bought a secondhand roof from a mk4 cabby but it wont fit at the back it looks a bit short ive put it in the guttering at rear and tightened the tension cable but it wont close at the front but wen undo the cable and i take it off just at the rear middle leaving sides in place it will then close at the front is there something im doing wrong please help ive been told the mk3 and mk4 roofs are slightly different in length is this true any info would be most appreciated
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