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  1. Andyman

    Breaking Mk4 Cab :(

    Just back box with exhaust system please,£££??? but full suspension kit£££??? Cheers Andy
  2. Andyman

    Breaking Mk4 Cab :(

    Cool, definatley interested how much do you want for them?? I can collect whenever im off till the 5th. Cheers Andy
  3. Andyman

    Breaking Mk4 Cab :(

    Hi, im intested in the exhaust system and suspension, do you know what they are??? Thanks Andy
  4. Andyman

    My 1990 Xr3I Project.

    Hi Tee, just wondered if you have got any recent pics of your car, interested in ride height. Im thinking of ordering a set of G-MAX, did you order the XR or RS kit??? And would you recommend them?? Cheers Andy