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  1. Hi got flat battery went open bonnet on underside steering wheel cable slack tried pulling cable with pliers no luck how else can I get bonnet open
  2. Cheers does it matter if it's off a diesel or has it got to be off a petrol model
  3. Hi any body got any ideas mate of my got d reg escort xr3i everytime we go out when we stop somewhere his car fails to start wont fire up and after a bit you can smell petrol its flooded I then get my jump leads out and it starts he put new battery on still same could it be starter motor getting to hot??
  4. Hi can anyone tell me if the escort cabriolet mk5 efi 1.6 1991 has got a ecu fitted and where is it located please thanks in advance
  5. No wasn't raining exactly where is the radiator is it under the glove box? And is it a big job
  6. Hi would any one know or got an idea went out last night in cabriolet ran ok put back in garage went in today got car out then noticed some water in passenger football put fingers in it and it tasted acidy where would it be coming from would it be from heater vents???thanks in advance it's a 1991 cabriolet 1.6 efi
  7. Hi anyone know how to replace the gear stick gaitor on a mk5 ford escort cabriolet cheers
  8. Cheers I've only got the latest diagnostic tester sounds like old school tester don't suppose many garages use them anymore will ask around
  9. Do I use the normal diagnostic gizmo I've got or do you need a different one I've got a picture of what you said to look for but it won't let me upload it on here
  10. Yes it's the 1.6 efi engine exactly where is it ?? And what does it look like cheers
  11. Hi does anyone know if the mk5 cabriolet 1991 has a diagnostic port if where is it located cheers
  12. Hi thinking of putting spotlights on my mk5 1991 cabriolet what brackets would I need & where to get them from anyone got ideas cheers
  13. Cottyp


    Hi anyone got any ideas when I switch engine on sounds a bit lumpy it seems to want to cut out could it be spark plugs need replacing??? Anyone with thoughts thanks
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