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  1. Wigan Ste

    Mk4 Mfi Fuel Tank

    Are all Mk4 fuel tanks the same . Been offered a fuel tank for my G reg mfi Cab but he not sure which model its off. Are the mfi and efi tanks the same.
  2. Wigan Ste

    Escort Cab Xr3I / 1.6I Whats The Difference.

    Thanks for the reply. So the only difference is whats written on the V5 . I assume its says XR3i on a XR3i V5 , seems a very strange thing for ford to do, why not just sell them all as XR3i ?One last question, which sold in bigger numbers ?
  3. Hi new to he forum and just bought a Escort Cab mk4. My Cab states 1.6i on the V5 so I assume that's what it is. It does have XR3i badges and interior though. I was wondering what the differences are as I am undecided weather to return to standard or modify it.