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  1. allbue70

    Mk3/4 rear lamp gaskets

    Thanks guys will keep a lookout
  2. I'm looking for a pair of new rear lamp gaskets,if anyone has any for sale or point me in the right direction it will be much appreciated. cheers
  3. allbue70

    Few bits wanted

    Forgot to say it's a mk3 cheers
  4. allbue70

    Few bits wanted

    Looking for a set of black clips that hold the interior boot trims in place or if anyone can point me in the direction much appreciated also the hard to describe door rubber finishers that go at the end of the outer window scraper seals above the outer door handles both sides please as I've misplaced them and can't find any anywhere either! cheers
  5. allbue70

    Slam Panel Decal

    Thanks,will do. Edit,just tried but your unable to accept messages?If you can pm me yours I'll text back.
  6. allbue70

    Slam Panel Decal

    Can anyone tell me which is the correct decal that goes on the slam panel regarding spark plug and gapping?,Have seen some with CC and some repro ones with EE at the bottom,car is a 1984 1.6i cabriolet.Cheers!
  7. allbue70

    Slam Panel Decal

    That's great,much appreciated!