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    For sale is my 1996 Cabriolet as a project. Currently SORN as last used in October 2017. I bought it with the intention of putting it back on the road but have no time. Needs TLC and a good clean. Solid shell with no welding, paint has lacquer peeling in places. Good mohair roof but pump needs oil. Engine runs well, have bill for recent camshaft belt but needs battery and possibly a power steering pump. Also needs front bumper. Mileage is 84000 which appears genuine. Too good to scrap


    - GB

  2. Anyone know how to remove the seat backs on a MK6, the bit with the pocket on? One of mine is coming away and I cant see whats holding it on Cheers Tim
  3. I went , only saw two other Mk 6 apart from mine and three Xrs Tim
  4. Thanks Paul, Wasn't as hard as I thought, dropped right out. Cheers Tim
  5. Hello Chaps Are there any tricks to getting the fuel tank out on a cabriolet, there seems to be a lot of stuff in the way that the Haynes manual doesn't mention! My fuel pump only runs when it thinks it will Any help or advice appreciated Cheers Tim
  6. Thanks ! Job done without removing the wheel. Took about 30 mins
  7. HI Does anyone know if its possible to replace the Indicator/Wiper/Headlamp switch on a MK 6 without taking the steering wheel off? Haynes etc say the wheel has to come off. Thanks Tim
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