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  1. Ford Fair

    Hi all ticket brought see you there Jont
  2. Ford Fair

    Hi Ian Hope you are well hope to see you there Cheers Jont
  3. Ford Fair

    Hi all Will the club be attending ford fair this year I see that ford fair have now released the tickets if so when will the club have them up for sale Is anyone elses hoping to go I have booked my hotel so will be going one way or the other Cheers Jon
  4. Event: Classic Ford Show

    Had a great day good to see you all had a good journey home
  5. Event: Classic Ford Show

    Cheers Ian
  6. Event: Classic Ford Show

    Hi all not been to this one before what time do the gates open on Sunday morning and what time is everyone planing on getting there is it a early start like when we go to sliverstone Cheers see you all there Jont
  7. Event: Classic Ford Show

    All booked up got email today saying tickets are ready to down load first time going to this one looking foward to it see you all there
  8. Event: Ford Fair

    Hi everyone just like to say what a great day sunday was great to see you all and some new facesand cars Great pictures all the cars look great see you all next year hopefully Jont
  9. Event: Ford Fair

    Hi all as any one received there tickets yet form fast ford ford fair they say they should have been with everyone no later than 2 weeks to go no sign yet cheers jont
  10. Welcome to the club get some pictures up I have a 92 xr3i 130 too in white
  11. Event: Ford Fair

    Hi all just booked my ticket for ford fair very easy only problem I could not get the web address to work so just went on to ford fair site click on club info and booked tickets from their no problem any way see you all there should be another great day Cheers jont
  12. Event: Ford Fair

    Great news on the new arrival congratulations ollie see you there
  13. Event: Ford Fair

    Hi glenn what time are you leavivg on saturday as we are coming from dumfries and witch traval lodge are you staying at we are staying at towcester This is only my second time so it all still new to me hope to see you on the road jon
  14. Event: Ford Fair

    Hi all can anyone tellme when the ticket will be sent out as I am away for a few day so dont want to miss them cheers jont ps carnt wait for the show not long now and the car will make it this year
  15. Parts Issue

    Sorry to hear the bearing went on the car thats what happened to me on the way to the ford fair last year had to replace the stub axle as well try ebay make sure you get the right one as the ofs and ns are not inter changeable good luck see you at the ford fair Jont