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  1. Insurance Data Base Guys i got pulled by the police the other day and they stated my cab was showing as having no insurance this was crazy as i pay £185 a year for fully comp with the AA. So Paul mentioned this site that lets you check the insurance data base and true enough i was not insured, So i rang the AA to play merry hell and it turned out they had input the letter O with the number 0 so my reg was showing incorrect this is now altered and i am on the database. So be carefull and take 5 mins to check you are covered follow the link below and pop in your reg http://ww
  2. What Fuse are you after, the Thermal Cut-Out ???
  3. Fantastic Work mate, you would probably double you money on that now !!! I think its off the Tin-Top, I have a BRAND NEW BOXED one next to me, its an RGM jobby !!! :icon_salut_gb:
  4. 14:00 is just the genral time I set things up for at the weekend, plus the nights are drawing in now and so is the cold so I though 14:00 would be best suited to get the most out of the day !!! If there are any probs with the Time stated then please let SteveB know ASAP as he is the Event Co-Ordinator and its his shout !!!
  5. There popular parts mate so no worries selling them !!! :icon_salut_gb:
  6. Yes mate, the Link below is the one I orderd, its a 12v Amplified version so it should pick up a decent signal on the Boot Lid, there is a Live wire going to the Old Electric Areial to rig it up to, I know you have to drill a hole in the Boot Lid put thats an easy fix if you remove it !!! You will also need an adapter to take the screw-on feed to the old Aerial to the Bannana Plug on the New one !!! LINK: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310161792604&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  7. A 2.0 Coversion is not much more difficult than a 1.8 Convertion, the only difference being you need the sump, oil pick up and alt bracket of a 1.8, might as well go for the 2.0 one mate !!!
  8. Thats got to be the worst conditon roof I have EVER seen on a Cab !!! :wow: Any more Pics mate ??? :pic:
  9. Its been down for 14:00 since I posted the Topic mate, its not been changed !!! :icon_salut_gb:
  10. A ZETEC will go in, it requires some loom modification and custom exhaust !!!
  11. Good to see the Weather held out for you all !!! All the Cabs were looking good in the pics !!! :icon_salut_gb: Steve if you want a hand finding a New Location i'll have a look arround for you !!!
  12. Yes just remove the Plastic Push Clips from the Left hand Carpet Trim in the Boot and you will see the motor behind the Bulkhead, just un-plug it !!! A Shark-Fin will look fine, there not that big and as you have a spoiler it won't look out of place like it would if you had no spoiler !!!
  13. As above lol, I recon 20% of the Mk4's on here are SE500's !!! :happy001:
  14. Thats a bit pants mate I hope its nothing to bad !!! :icon_salut_gb: Come by any means mate, its the People that make the Meets, not the Cars !!!
  15. Sue there will be a FULL proper Topic for the Meet, this is just to see if everyone was OK with the Day swap !!!
  16. Thats the way to do it mate, glad you sorted it in the end !!! :icon_salut_gb: Any Pics ??? :pic:
  17. Good Luck today people, the weather looks like its going to hold out for you !!! :icon_salut_gb: Remember, GET LOTS OF PICS !!! :pic:
  18. The Calipers look sweet mate, i'm liking them !!!
  19. Yes Den it will be at The Game Bird as its a fantastic location and Central to us all, if anyone wants to recomend somwhere else then we will concider it !!! You OK with a Tuesday then bud ? I work on Wendesdays mate !!!
  20. Well i'm having trouble with my brand new rear Monroe shocks as they sit too low, going to go back to the Factory Shocks in the New Year, personaly mate I would avoid lowering springs as the Mk5/Mk6 Cabs a are bigger and heavier than the Mk3/Mk4 Cabs which you can lower as they are like go carts !!! I you have your mind set on lowering springs then go ahead but I would save your money !!!
  21. Hi All !!! I am going to attempt one last time to start this back up again since it died a death, due to my shifts I can only make it on a Monday or a Tuesday but I believe Paul can't make Tuesdays !!! What do the North West Regulars and hopfuly New Meet attendies think of having it on a Monday ??? :msg3: Post your thoughts below !!! I'll let this run till Wednesday then set the Topic up !!! CHARLZY
  22. Tidy Cab mate, the Mondeo looks Ok too !!! :convertible_mazeguy:
  23. PMSL, OK mate, I don't want a slap from the Mrs myself !!!
  24. Nice one, its always handy to get the details of other localy based fitters !!! :icon_salut_gb:
  25. Cool, look forward to the pics of that !!!
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