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I have just bought some Bilstein B4- Front  Shocks for my 1997 Cabriolet

Online @ Autodoc Part No 22-045560


Gebruiksnummer: BILSTEIN VNE4556
EAN: BILSTEIN 4025258464479

But they don't seem to be able to supply the correct Coil Springs ? The ones listed do not appear to be suitable for my car ? and the ones that say they are for my car, don't seem to be correct either ?? I want standard Springs not lowered ones.


I believe they should be B3- ? ...............

They might be able to help further if I have the OEM for the original springs ? and the number of DOTS on them ? BUT without tacking the old ones off I cannot give them that info and cant wait with the car in the garage ( daily driver ) while waiting for them to work out the correct ones and then send them to me  😞

Can anyone give me the info they need or can anyone tell me which Coil Springs will fit this MK 7 Cabriolet and are compatible with the Bilstein Shocks I bought


Thanks in advance

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