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Big clear out

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Had lots of xr,s Rs turbos over the years and now time to get rid of all the parts I have built up ,

I have a  xr3i cabbie I starting to rebuild but going to sale a lot of the parts on plus lots more , 

of the top of my head I have ,

1, complete efi engine and gearbox ,
2, 2 may be 3 efi heads 
3, efi inlets thing I have 2 
4, 2 or 3 gearbox’s need to look to see if mk3 or mk4 
5, efi loom 
6, Rs turbo body kit with jacking covers,
7, 90 spec front bumpers think I have 2 may be 3 
8, full 90 spec Rs turbo seats and door cards came out a cabbie so top back seat different to tin top ,
9, brand new dark blue mohair hood with new cables ,, NEVER FITTED 
10,rs turbo s2 wheels ,
11, dash 
12, carpet,
13, brand new front disc and pads ,, STILL IN THE BOX,
14, escort mk4 xr3i cabbie rolling shell , comes with boot bonnet doors roof but hood shagged ,windows ect,

15, lots and lots more stuff , 

would be happy if someone wanted the lot of me come get as a job lot ,, and when I say the job lot you will need a good size van and a trailer , as I have lots of bits ,

07521661032 rather then pm’ing me 

it will take time to go through stuff so please bare this in mind 

thanks pete 

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I'm after a cabbie horn! 


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