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Well i bought this after realising my old 3 door base model Sierra was too much for me to repair and im an escort fan anyway so here we go,bought from ebay about 1 and a half years ago for £500  with a load of parts i never needed which some have been sold to buy the parts i wanted lol

Its a mk3 someone had turned into a mk4 then back to a mk3 again 


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Right so heres the list of whats been done so far

Everyone has their own opinions so fire away,i have built this for my liking and not for the anal

Ford Escort Cabriolet Mk3 Turbo

Near enough every nut ,bolt,bush washer and moving component has been renewed or refurbed

Car has had welding and has been decent standard
welds have been ground back cleaned sealed then painted with submarine paint
NEW crossmember
NEW inner wings
NEW landing panel
NEW outer wings
NEW scuttle panel
NEW front panel
NEW bonnet
NEW rear lower panel
NEW NSR outer wheel arch
Mk4 doors with full electrics
Mk4 tailgate
Drivers floor pan has had 2 small plates not your usual scabby job
Chassis legs and sills all good
Floors all cleaned and painted with NEW sound deadning and NEW floor bungs fitted
Bodywork fully prepped then painted with Ford Frozen white
NEW roof tension cable
NEW reg plate bumper insert
NEW wiper nuts sleeves and plastic covers
NEW custom DMB RS Grey decals


NEW Apex 30mm lowering springs
NEW KYB shocks
Front hubs vapour blasted and powder coated fitted with NEW bearings then carrier mounts drilled out to 12mm to fit Re-Con MK3 Mondeo calipers with 15mm spacers new sliders paint etc
NEW 300mm Focus ST170 discs
NEW Mintex Focus ST170 pads
NEW flexi hoses and a couple NEW copper brake pipes made to suit
NEW track rod ends
NEW bottom arms with NEW yellow poly bushes
All engine and gearbox mounts clamps etc have been blasted and powder coated along with strut top plates
NEW engine mount bushes
NEW gearbox mount bushes
Front roll bar buffed and painted with purple polybushed "U"clamps
NEW roll bar 16mm conical washers
SPARCO alloy front strut brace

NEW rear arms
NEW rear tie bars
NEW yellow tie bar poly bushes
NEW orange rear top mount poly bushes
NEW red rear upper spring poly bushes
Rear brakes have been uprated to Sierra Cosworth 2wd disc conversion
NEW rear disc conversion plates
Rear hubs and spindles stripped and chemically cleaned blasted then painted with expensive high temp paint then cooked in oven for 4 hours
NEW rear hub bearings and all re greased etc with NEW hub nuts
NEW Solid 2wd cosworth rear drilled and
grooved discs
NEW MK5 Xr3i/RS2000 Handbrake cable
NEW EBC rear pads
NEW rear flexis
REFURBED 2wd Cosworth Calipers
NEW 2wd carriers


Rebuilt Fiesta EFI RS TURBO CVH
internals unknown but came from a friends newly rebuilt track car and had done around 200 safe miles then removed from car as they went Zetec i have since added

NEW larger turbo with NEW gaskets spacer plate bolts etc
NEW turbo oil feed and NEW custom oil return pipes
Ford Puma Linkage conversion
Full 3 inch rolled out stainless system

NEW battery
NEW S1 style black intercooler
NEW oversized alloy radiator
NEW twin fans
NEW header tank
NEW water temp sensor
NEW inline water temp sensor to gauge
Thermostat housing blasted and cleaned
Blasted and painted EFI charge carrier
NEW 8mm Burton Power leads
NEW coil pack
NEW alternator to starter wiring kit
NEW NGK plugs
NEW dump valve
NEW magnetic sump plug
NEW custom cooling and water hoses
NEW fan belt
NEW oil pressure switch
NEW fast road clutch
NEW CV joints and gaitors
NEW gearbox /shaft seals
NEW 340LPH fuel pump
NEW EFI fuel tank and new hoses pipes clips etc
NEW fuel filter
NEW Bosch oil filter
Castrol 10/40 oil
Shafts cleaned buffed and painted
Millers TRX 75/90 Synth Gearbox oil
NEW bonnet stay and clip
Full EFI loom re-taped and new earth tags along with extra heavy duty body earths
NEW heater matrix heater

INTERIOR》 Will fit this weekend 

MINT RS 4 Spoke
MINT 90 Spec Recaros
Flocked dash ,handles and trims and centre console
Boost gauge
Water temp gauge
Heated front screen
Full EFI loom re-taped and new earth tags along with extra heavy duty body earths

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Soo car was motd then drove it hundreds of miles to Inverness then back to my  house the next day £200 in fuel lol and the turbo went on the way home all good fun tho,sooo turbo has been rebuilt and some things sorted so im going to use it on some hopefully sunny winter days then im putting a 2ltr zetec turbo silvertop in it that im building,picked up a 60k mile engine up for £150 so watch this space 🙂

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