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Lancaster Classic Car insurace and agreed values


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What ever you do dont go with Lancaster Classic Car Insurance, I am in dispute with thier Agreed value. I sent in tons of photos, and even removed my side skirts, to show there is no rust in the wheel arches. They still did dnot honour what I wanted. Due to thier tardy reponse they said for 6 weeks insurance they would refund me £18 when I had paid £160 for the whole year. Got me over a barrel. I would strongly urge anyone to stay clear of this dispicable company read thier Google reviews. Go with another compny. I will never use this shoddy outfit again! It is going to cost me £180 in just the pop rivets plus labour to put the body kit back on my All White I SE. 1985. 

I will stick to Footman James in future. There is no messing about with them. I know nealry all the classic car events ae sponsored by Lancaster so the Administartors may not like this. But read the Google reviews of Lancaster Insurance.  

I hope the administrators dont remove this post as it meant to be the passionate owners  and like minded individuals who do not hide behine PLCs and legaleas or legal fiction and those who corporations who have limited public liability and Indusrance and Bankers behind them!

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I just got a quote from Lancaster re Escort (agreed value is extra and subject to them appraising it). In the past this has cost me nearly 30% of the quote in tooing ad froing. 

Ell there car Insurance has rocketed this year by nealry 33% well I am off to Footman James and no quibble agreed valuation. I have  reduction on my other two modern cars one a VW Golf from £750 to £333, Toyota down from £780 to £280. Yet Lancaster insurance has gone up! I only do 700 miles a year in it! Fottman offers that you can by your car back in the even of a total loss with no % (if you pay £15), 

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