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Hi all

I have fitted a new complete clutch including cable and ratchet to my mk4 cabby, the problem i was having was i had to put the pedal to the floor to get it in gear.

since i have don the work the ratchet keeps slipping i know its not the ratchet because it was doing it with the old one, thats why i replaced it any ideas/help would be realy appreciated.


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What make is the clutch and was it genuine Ford parts cable, and ratchet/ pawl assembly you used? Check the fork arm at the gear box housing,  I just replaced my cluthc with a LUK, and original Ford cable, and ratchet and Pawl, but found it was an internal gearbox issue. Luckily I swapped the gearbox (as I had a NOS gearbox and all is fine now! But oringinally I used Q&H and it was so poor. I lost out on the labour Q&H after a year refunded me with the money but it had done damage to the gearbox. 

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