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85 cabriolet SE, advice required

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Hello all, I have (stored in a barn) a December 1985 Cabriolet SE, it is the all white version, advertised as the hoping for a white Christmas model as pictured. Approx 50,000 miles from new, rust free. The original soft top needs to be replaced as it has a couple of splits. The sun has also cracked the top of the dash board behind the steering wheel. I am debating as to whether to sell the car in its current state, or to repair the afore mentioned items and then put the car on the market. My request at this stage is for some guidance from club members as to the cars value in its current condition, and what it may be worth should the repairs be carried out.





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I would sell it as it is, if it’s original sell it with its original faults. 

As to it’s value , could try £8,000.00  Ono , if it does not sell then drop price.

Could get a classic car company to make you an offer, they may offer a good price because bottom dollar they will ask £12 ,000 plus when work done and offered for sale.

good luck.

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What ever you do dont go with Lancaster Classic Car Insurance, I am in dispute with thier Agreed value. I sent in tons of photos, and even removed my side skirts, to show there is no rust in the wheel arches. They still di not honour waht I wanted. Due to thier tardy reponse they said for 6 weeks insurance they would refund me £18 when I had paid £160 for the whole year. Got me over a barrel. I would strongly urge anyone to stay clear of this dispicable company read thier Google reviews. Go with another compny. I will never use this shoddy outfit again! 

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By the way an agreed value for my car which has only covered 30K from new, FSH, all recipts, new roof, and as virtually new, garaged and only cover 700 miles a year was valued with Footman James for £12, 500 last year, Lancaster valued it at £10K, while it is an appreciating in value. A new roof I got quotes from £1400, to £700. in vinyl. They do not do Mohair in white and Mohair is the way to go. All the rubbers I have had as I bought nearly everything new from Ford as spares, Engine, gearbox, all the parts, interior trim. IMy dashboard has no cracke, as it has sat in the garage mainly. The other thing to watch out is for the fule pump bracket and the inner wing to from slam panle rust, which thankfully my car has not got. So that might give you an indication or way to go price. But go with a Insurance company of repute and from my experience that is not Lancaster! I picked up a second one of these cars two years ago for £2500, but I had a lot of body work to do. All the rubbers had perished. but the underneath was solid, no rust at all, but new roof needed, and an interior which thankfully I had a new second hand one. That I am building to concourse standard. Valued with aggreed value with Hiscox at £12500. Unforunately the guy before me fitted a power roof which was an after fit. 

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