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Starting restoration of Amethyst XR3i Cab 1989 G700PND

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Well im just about to start putting this car back on the road, it's been in storage for around 8 years and needs a little work. Some has already been started, arches repaired but other than that no rust anywhere. It will be getting a full respray but first i need to get the mechanics sorted, runs ok just needs a really good service and all fluids and belts changed. Will get it MOT'd first then get it into bodyshop and hopefully have it all done by the time the summer kicks in.

Wish me luck ;)..........


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it had 1 owner when i purchased it after being shipped back to the uk as the owner wanted the private plate off it so it was put through a mot tidied up then plate taken off it.


i purchased it from manchester 12 years  ago for the wife took delivery without even seeing it at a service station handed the cash over drove her home .

original owner invented u-ho glue it was his run around when he visited his paid in spain had aprox 4ok on clock when i brought it. drivers wing had been blown in slightly different colour.

Anyhow wife couldn't drive it no power steering kept it for a year then sold it through ebay went to scotland ive been looking for her  ever since .

It was perfect underneath stickers still on struts & parts etc.

glad to see shes about to get some loving

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Hi there, those pics are great, hopefully soon it will be looking just as good again. its had another 3 owners i think up in Scotland, been dry stored in a barn for about 8 years but still in great condition, no rust other than a couple of spots which are repaired but will be getting a full respray. its got 100k on it now but should be going for an MOT in the next week or so once ive done a couple more engine parts. The front wing is still a slightly different colour :). Starts and drives great so looking forward to using as a weekend car for nice days and wee runs, nothing like a wee bit retro lol. need to find a period ford cd player tho so it looks correct.

Also still got the 2 aerials on the rear like in your pic, no idea wht 2 but one will be removed and plated in before painting. it will be done back to full factory std form.


Here is a link to my shared album with the latest pics: 


 Maybe we can meet up once she is done for a wee drive :)



Fife, Scotland

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that be great martin. fife is 3.5 hrs away. glad shes getting some love again. it had a after market kenwood in it when i got her





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