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Isle of Wight takeover 2018

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 Just had a fantastic weekend on the Isle of Wight what a beautiful place with loads of photo opportunities followed by a fantastic show on Sunday Isle of Wight ford take over if you look on Facebook there is loads of photos there’s even a Facebook page Isle of Wight ford take over 2018  the question I want to ask is any one interested in doing a club stand next year there was a few cabbys  this year would be nice for the club to be there I know this may be an expensive weekend to some people it cost me £150 accommodation which I could of got cheaper but wanted a good quality standard  and £90 ferry crossing which again if I booked more in advance would have been cheaper  so if we start  planning /booking now which a lot of people are it would work out roughly £20 a month which over a year  is doable   I going back next year 100% would just be nice to go with some of my own people thanks mark 

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