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Ford Radio wiring

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Hi all 

looking at changing the radio back to a standard model in bobs cabby

managed to get hold of the amp and wiring but the radio doesn’t have the right connections

see pics 

any one no what model radio it was that paired it up 

thanks Ollie 





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Looking for the main power supply plug and speaker connections 

thought I had them but it was for the later model



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Blimey, going back in time!!

There were two radios that looked the same but one had the round din output for the amp. Think it had four little buttons instead of three. can't remember any model numbers though.

The plugs wil be as rare as rocking horse dung but can be wired up using female spade connectors.

From memory the outside large terminal is the earth and the large one next to it is the main feed from the ign switch. The next two are the permenent live and the electric aerial. Not sure which one is which. I would power it up and test to see which one goes live when you switch on as this will be th he aerial output. The screen will be blank until you get the permenent live on.

Have fun.

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