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Nick Barnes

Have I done something wrong ?

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My Cab recently was blowing white smoke and was told it needed a new Head Gasket, The compression was measured and they read ( Nos. 1 - 4 cylinders ) 4, 11, 8, 11 pressure. after taking off the head it was checked but I was told it did not need skimming so put it all back. While doing this I replaced the Idle control valve, and all the temperature / water sensors ( 3 ). when I took it apart there was no Inlet / Outlet Gaskets  on the car.

The Inlet gasket I ordered turned out to be the wrong one so I have  not re-installed this yet. 

Now the car was running rough and hissing from the Exhaust valve hose at the rear of the inlet manifold, so this valve was replaced along with the hose, this made it run / idle better and lose the hissing from the hose.

While changing the Head Gasket I also noticed that my Head had  " Triangular holes " for the water / air but the new Gasket only had round holes punched out and no mention on the fitting instructions about cutting them out to make them triangular ? but it had the triangles printed on the Gasket itself ?

But now almost straight after starting the temp is showing high on the " A " of NORMAL ( I think I've been given the wrong sensor again after the first one had the wrong size thread )

Although she runs  ( idle is still rough sometimes but never was perfect so shes improved ) while driving @ 2,500 RPM  ( 100 Kmph ) she loses power intermittently and will not pull / accelerate for a while then she comes back to life and runs and pulls  normally again ?  like something is blocked then clears itself  ??

Is it a fuel problem or air or electrical ?? HELP where do I look :wacko:

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I dont know how its connected to what I did and why she ran so bad after I did the Head gasket work ?  but I changed the Mass Air Flow Unit, as an after thought and just in case, after changing all the above sensors ect. and Hey Presto shes runnning the best she has  

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