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Cd Changer Unit Wiring / Fiting

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Hi All

I have a Ford Escort Cabriolet 1997 with a Ford 6000 cd radio fitted as standard when it was new .

This says its CD changer compatible and has a socket on the rear for a plug to go to a CD changer . So I thought I'd get one and fit it.

The problem is the wiring / connectors are differant colours etc ????

I have just got a CD changer ( 6 cds ) from a Ford Mondeo Ghia 2004, its a a Ford CD changer, its an Alpine 3S7T-18C830-BB made in 2003 that was fited as a factory extra when bought new, I got it from a breakers yard it was in the boot in a custom made box along with the DVD player unit , I did not want that because the radio and screen were missing from the car so I just took the cd changer


The problem is the wiring / connectors are differant colours etc ???? because of model / year differance ?


I emailed Alpine to try and get the answers to what coloured wires go where on my connector in the radio but they say it was sold under liscence to Ford so cant help me ? Even though they made it haha ( they dont know what they make ? weird ) and to contact Ford ? Ford told me to go see the local dealer and they would look into it (my dealer, in my past experiance are as useless as rocking horse sh*t )


The problem I have is that I have no wiring / plugs on the CD unit they've been cut so I only have just 8 loose different wires coming out of the cd changer.










See pic below.


On the rear of the radio I have 12 pins, and according to the internet diagram I know what they should be for:


1 ACP + 2 GND, ACP 3 GND 4 (Empty ) 5 Audio R + 6 Audio L +


7 ACP - 8 CD, ACP 9 ( Empty ) 10 GND, AUD 11 Audio R - 12 Audio L -


Can someone let me know what coloured wires from the CD changer go to what pins in the 6000cd radio ? or tell me where I can get a diagram / pictures of the wiring explaining ? so I can fit it.

IE Yellow 6, Orange 10 Green 12 Etc.

So basically 8 wires 12 pins what goes to what ?









Thanks for any advice


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Ok update I know where 4 wires ( Blue,Grey, Green & Mauve ) theses go for the speakers on the last 4 pins on the right of the block but the other 4 no idea

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You might be better off getting the corect changer for the escort.

CD auto-changer was an option for ford escorts and was located under the passenger seat.


I brought a new old stock one for the ford focus from fordparts uk last year (check them out, they may havesome left). These are compatible with RDS5000,6000 radios.

The kit comprised of the auto-changer, wiring, and mounting brackets. All for £20.


The mounting brackets between escort and focus seats are different through, so worth bearing in mind, Best is to source a cabrio in the breakers with the autochanger option and take the whole passenger seat and wiring.

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Thanks for the input I will check out my local dealer I'm in Holland so maybe they have some meanwhile I would love to sort this its only 4 wires haha

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Hi I thought I'd put some more pics up to show what I'm trying to do.

I have as I said sorted 4 wires for the speakers

That leaves 4 wires and 8 pins from the CD Changer to go to my Escort conector block on the rear of the stereo

The block on my car ( as you can see lists the pins that are left as






I traced the 4 wires back from a connector block for the Mondeo and this is where the wires I have left went to on that block



A10: CAN - A15: BATT +


Nohing like what I've got on my block connector ? I tried checking what ACP, + / - is on my connector only found ADJACENT CHANNEL POWER ?

On the Mondeo block connector , CAN + / - and KEYCODE GND no idea ????????????

Below are the pics of both connectors you can see the referances on there as they are listed

Does this help anyone any more to give me an answer ?











Thanks in advance


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OK I give up haha tried every connection in every hole nothing is happenning ? maybe the unit is no good after all

I ened up with the wires going to these pins on the rear of my radio

1 = CPC +

2 := ?

3 = ?

4 = ?

5 = F R +speaker

6 = F L +speaker

7 = CPC -

8 = Power

9 = ?

10 = ?

11 = R R -speaker

12 = R L - speaker

Wherever I put the Negative nothing worked

I have power to the pins so I know the connector is receiving power

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