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Well I wasn't looking for another project or resto :>)

was at a local show and someone that bigjon works with asked if I knew any body who would be interested in taking it off him as he jut dint have time to do any thing with it :>(

when he told me how much I got thinking hmm .I could use it for a daily or the wife could use it when the sun shines and come to the shows in it rather than me towing my mk3 about

well decided I would have it after seeing a few pics . got it home after a few issues on the new towing dolly lol






still not 100% what im doing with it yet just pushed it in the garage and gonna deal with it in the new year


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well i brought the mk6 back in the garage to make a start after trying everything to get the front wheels off . i did wanna try and save them after trying everything to remove the seized nuts . i managed to round 1 off on the nearside and 3 off on the offside 

had top of the range nut guns /air guns and special nut removal tools and 3 different people that thought they may be able to remove them :>)

well in the end good old fashion hole cutter and big hammer done the trick 

wheels are finally off and fit for the scrap man :>(  had sold them a few months ago for £100 aswell lol 

onwards an upwards got a set of rs15s to o on them as a rolling project  just for the pre mot to see how bad it really is before i start any work on it 

will keep you all updated 











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