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No, No, No!!! - Not Another Restoration Project.

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My wife's beloved little P reg cabriolet has got to the stage where it has become a rolling restoration.


After it got bashed into last year by an MX5 we considered getting rid of it and buying another. But we didn't see another Escort we liked (well we did, but it got magically 'stolen' - AKA a better offer came in...)


Stephanie's mechanic also said that because it was regularly serviced it would go on forever and not to get rid of it - just do it up.


So that's what I'm now doing along side two other long term projects.


I've started by cutting out and cleaning up rust - a biot of welding on the sills and some new paint work. I've bought a heated windscreen wiring loom - so when we replace the windshield we'll get a heated one put in.


The roof was looking a bit green - so I scrubbed it hard and used Renovo on it - Fantastic! looks like new now.


The interior is looking a lttle tired, so I'm in search of a full leather interior.. (I don't suppose any of you have a spare one tucked away...?)


I also want to change the wheels to GTI style alloys.


When it's done I'll post a couple of photos.

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