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We have negotiated a deal with http://www.simplyplates.com to offer our members 20% discount on there legal / show plates. Just enter discount code 'ecc' you can even add our logo to your number plates


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SimplyPlates.com is a leading UK supplier of Show Number Plates for cars, bikes, vans and off-road vehicles. Over 10 years experience in the automotive industry makes us one of the most experienced show plate manufacturers and suppliers in the UK.


We can cater for almost any shape or size, and what's more we have a huge library of fonts, side badges, background images, borders, colours and options to ensure that your show plate is truly unique! Our online plate designer allows you to build your fancy plate in a matter of seconds, so, what are you waiting for!


Show Plates


Buying your dream car is a product of your hard work and your desire to own such car. Your dream car maybe a Porsche, a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, a Ford, a BMW or any other vehicle, whatever the brand is, one thing is for sure you would like to give the best care for that dream car of yours. Something that many people cherish on their cars are the number plates. Simply plates offer the option for you to customize your show plates. Many people like to customize their number plates so that they can show them off at car shows, hence the name show plates, or show number plates. There are many ways to upgrade or customize your car, paint job, new wheels, new interior, installation of leather seats, or add show plates to your car. Adding show number plates to your car is by far one of the cheapest ways to get a great look to your car, and it is becoming far more popular with people of all ages, especially the youngsters.


Show Number Plates


Show Number Plates are customised vehicle plates that are or can be installed into your vehicle as a unique identifier. At SimplyPlates you can purchase a customised show number plate for your dream car at a low price. We are the leading UK supplier of Show Number Plates, our company is backed by ten years of experience in the field of show plates, and show number. With this experience we have built our reputation as the foremost show plates manufacturer and supplier in the United Kingdom.


Show Plate


SimplyPlates takes pride in its ability to provide unique show number plates depending on the specifications of our customer. This is made possible by having a huge library of side badges, background images, colours, borders and fonts at our disposal, where there are limitless design combinations that will give our clients a unique show number plate. Our company believes in the fact that the client knows best on what he or she wants in a design, that is why we have provided an online show number plate designer tool where you can design and build your own show number plate in a matter of seconds. Our online show plate designer tool was developed to be user-friendly so there is no need to learn any technical designing skills and enabling you to create your own show number plate with ease.


Show Number Plate


We offer show number plates at a highly competitive price starting at £16.99. Each plate is made with care therefore ensuring you have only our top quality product. On top of these features our wide range of image libraries would enable you to design your own show number plate. On top of all those features we provide you with secure payments for online transactions and Free delivery of your show number plate within the UK. So what are you waiting for? Create and design your show number plate and give your car or vehicle that unique look!

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