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Introducing Hide'n'seat Auto Interiors


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I thought it was about time that I reintroduced myself properly now that everything is 100% up and running. :smile:


My name's Si and I run Hide'N'Seat Auto Interiors - some of you may remember an earlier thread regarding leather retrims... well, this is the official thread now!


In a nutshell, I offer everything from simple gear gaiters to complete interior retrims. Whilst currently gaining a very good within the Jap scene, my very first job was on a pair of S2 RS Turbo Recaro seats so the Ford boys (and girls) seemed like a natural progression. I'm based in County Durham in the North East.


The main business website can be found at http://www.hidenseat.co.uk and there is also a Facebook business page that can be found here. There are plenty of progress pictures available, especially on Facebook, as well as all the completed and fitted images.


As a very active member of Celica Club UK, there is a Trader section on there containing plenty of positive feedback for anyone wishing to double-check my credentials, as it were (click here). Also, John on this very forum (from Middlesbrough, Mk4 All White) has known me for more years than he'll care to admit to, so he can not only verify me as a genuine trader but he can also attest to the workmanship involved too. :smile:


Below is a guide price list. For a definite quotation, I'd recommend contacting me either by PM on here or by emailing enquiries@hidenseat.co.uk.


Gear gaiters from £7.00

Armrest covers from £12.00

Doorcards from £40.00


2 x front seats from £400.00

Rear seats from £325.00

All seats from £725.00


Dashboards from £500.00

Complete interior trimming from £1600.00


Mail order can easily be accommodated for anyone who may not be local and anything I post is either dispatched by courier or by Royal Mail First Class Recorded.


And here are some pictures of some of my commissions:


Toyota Celica with RS Turbo front Recaro seats.








Toyota Celica Convertible (ivory leather).








Toyota Celica Convertible (black / white leather).








Thanks for looking. :smile:

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