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Alarm Going Off When You Open The Car(S)

Guest Savage

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Hi guys, got a Mk 5 & Mk6 set of cabs and the 5 recently started setting the alarm off everytime the door was opened (whether locked or unlocked). Assumed it was a drain on the battery so disconnected it, left for a day (as it was annoying),re-connected jumped it and it was absolutely fine. It's lasted a week or so and started doing it again. Now, the Mk6 is doing it as well, but the difference is that I can start the 6 with the alarm still going and it shuts the alarm off, but the 5 won't start at all. Any clues how to reset the things?


Thanks in advance everyone.



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Guest Savage

OK, I've sussed it. If you have this problem, then it's one of 3 likely fixes.


1) remove the kickpanel in drivers footwell and pull off the 2 alarm control wires. Not a fix, but it shuts it up.

2) Inside drivers door skin, there is an alarm module (has 5 wires in and out) - may need replacing

3) Cheapest and easiest and worked for me: Under bonnet near the drivers headlight, theres a button. Press it 10 times in 8 seconds and it will chirp to let you know it's in safe/reset mode. Next Open/close firmly the drivers door, boot, open passenger door, open/close glovebox, close passenger door, drop bonnet shut again. You have 30 seconds before alarm goes back into armed mode. If that doesnt fix the problem, try reset mode, then one door, and wait. If it's not fixed, try again but just do boot etc... you'll figure out where the problem lies, but if not, try options 1 / 2.


Hope this helps someone.






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Thanks for the info, my mark6 garage’s now since lock down decided to do some work came up this this problem,sounds good regards Magsbert

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Good luck :)
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