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Mk 5/6 Window Seals

Guest djk

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Does anyone know where I can source some new weather seals for the doors and rear windows on my MK5, I'm assuming that these are no longer available from Ford!


Anyone know if the weather seals from another model, Ford or other manufacturer, is compatible or could be made to fit. For example I'm assuming that the seals from a 3 door would fit? is this right?


Can front door seal be cut down and made to fit the rear quarters?


Also anyone know where I can get the rubber seal that runs around the body edge where the hood fits.


The car has just come back from the body shop and now the slightly bubbling weather seals are letting her down, as is the seal as it feels like its shrunk and is pulling off the body work.




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Same as that as well got my rears from ford as for hood rubber clean it up and stick it back on with sealer with ours we sealed it one person held the rubber on whilst the other carefully and slowly raised the roof this held it in place till dry 2 years on still no trouble good luck

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Hi. as promised I have found some Ford new ones from Germany and the UK. Taken me weeks and about 40 calls to find

Waiting for then to arrive this week to check if OK. Then I will pass you the contact details. You will need to check the ford part numbers are correct

Rear set part numbers for my car are M F 1664222 and M F 1664223

There are only 1 set left !!!!! so you have to act quick


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Hi Guys,

Just delivered a set of rear outer weather seals for my MK 5, they are Genuine new ford parts from Germany still in original unopened bags

Only one set left when I purchased them from Matt at Retro Ford International mobile 07922102629 They are sent to him first for quality checking

you will need the ford part numbers, should be the same as mine (see above)

cost £70 the pair plus UK delivery costs

Act quick if you want them I have spent 2 weeks and 40+ plus calls to find|

Good luck


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