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Guest shaneb677

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Guest shaneb677

hi im thinking of an engine change not that theres any thing wrong with mine, have been thinking of a 2 litre pure and simply for that bit more extra now im not a mechanic but if i do go a head with it is there any thing i should avoid is it more hassle than its worth what are pros and cons is it just a straight engine change over cheers for help and advice

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A ZETEC will go in, it requires some loom modification and custom exhaust !!! :biggrin:


thats the least of its worries, you say its a std rs turbo, a very good tunable engine, can go to 300+bhp with the correct internals and tuning, with the zetec , i think you are palnning turbo, dont know if you are considering using the whole engine or just the bottom end?

but with either the compression is to much for the turbo, and will melt the pistons, so you would need to fit a decompression plate, or skim the pistons, or change them to lower compression ones.


tbh, if you have std rs turbo, i recommend you buy a chipped ecu from ebay, an uprated fmic, a bleed valve, and a bigger turbo,

s/s exhaust and pipercam,


once you have a few of these, you wont regret it


second hand chipped ecu can be had for 50,

an uprated pace intercooler 100

upretaed turbo from 100-300 or 600 new

cam about 130

bleedvalve 15

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Guest steelcabby

if your not going to turbo the zetec, i'd go for the zetec on throttle bodies. cvh turbo lump is ok, but once messed with will give you alot of trouble. would also keep you spending.. trust me i've had too many to count.


also if its an MFI you can start to get fueling problems. but with some secret STEELY mods that wouldn't be an issue. EFI would be the better turbo lump to mess with, but still a cvh. as long as your not gonna tune your turbo lump to more than around 170-180bhp. as thats the limit IMO between reliability and trouble free motoring and where things start to go wrong all the time. :icon_salut_gb:

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