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  1. lincolncity

    Mk4 cab dimensions

    http://www.automobile-catalog.com/make/ford_europe/escort_europe_6gen/escort_europe_6gen_cabriolet/1992.html Here you go.
  2. lincolncity

    Mk4 cab dimensions

    Hopefully this link will work kev https://www.pinterest.com/amp/pin/192247477826174250/
  3. lincolncity

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Hi mate, nice to see another one getting done. Looks good in the pic with those Ghia wheels. I think the MK5a and B and Mk6 are looking good now. Will be watching.
  4. lincolncity

    Advice On Value Mk3 Cabby And Sadly Sell

    I would say it's rare but rare doesn't always make cars desirable, sometimes they are rare for a reason which is why Ford dropped the Ghia after one year as nobody wanted them. I don't want that to sound off but it's fair to be realistic. I like some of the basic stuff or away from the sporty models shall we say but in fairness they have been hard to shift and you usually sell for a lot less then what I believe they should be worth but market dictates. If an XR3i for example is selling at £3995 for a really nice one when you balance the two the XR3i will sell all the time despite the nostalgia of the lesser models. As alresdy said dealers sit on cars with over inflated prices hoping they can pray on somebody new to the market with tenners leaking from thier skin. Your best bet is to test the market on eBay just before the season starts and excitement brews. I for one like it by the way so good luck but I'd imagine I'm in the minority. All the best
  5. lincolncity

    Amalfi Blue Cab Wanted

    Yep sorry my mistake I should have looked closer. Only glanced at it on fleabay. I should know the colour as my brother has an Amalfi Blue Cabriolet but sadly its not for sale.
  6. lincolncity

    Mk5 B Transformation

    Hi, sorry to hear about your mum. It is your car and you are entitled to do as you want however I agree with the others. It would be far better to restore standard, a few subtle mods can be okay but with the price of Cosworth replica parts it's not worth it and you'd need to store the original bits as one day you will want it standard we all do. Good lick with whatever you decide but a standard Mk5b is already a rare machine and really coming into its own now. All the best
  7. lincolncity

    Amalfi Blue Cab Wanted

  8. lincolncity

    A Ford Factory Supplied Rs Turbo Cabriolet 😲

    As already said anything is possible. It's unlikely Karman would have converted a single car or even the odd few and it definitely would not have been done on an assembly line as that wouldn't be possible. I suppose SVE may have had the capability who knows, not sure why the Police or Military would want a Cabriolet. I know sometimes Government bodies or Royals cars were registered to the authorities and SVE certainly adapted cars for Royals as one offs. Lady Di had a cabriolet but believe it was a metallic red MK3. The problem you have with changing cars from the norm is warranty because nobody recognises it nor knows what to do with it, this is why they leave to the dealer usually. Somebody inside Ford has said that SVE enjoyed working with the Cabriolet. I have some prototype images, the original mock up looks quite different. Sadly I cannot share these.
  9. Sent a message to the number given, no reply so can't be too interested.
  10. lincolncity

    Instrument Cluster Facia Mk4

    Hi folks, does anyone know where I can get a facia (Black thing that goes around the instruments containing mirror switch and coin tray etc) undamaged one. I don't do the eBay thing, too many liars. Regards Mark
  11. lincolncity

    Glovebox Key

    I managed to get the key in the end, thanks though. Do you have a dash instrument cluster surround, the black plastic thing that's clipped and screwed in that has holes for the switches, coin tray and electric mirror switch? Regards Mark
  12. lincolncity

    My Mk4

    Looks very good. Awesome transformation over the years.
  13. lincolncity

    Mk3/4 Tonneau Cover

    Managed to find one in excellent condition £25 Inc postage. Really pleased with it.
  14. lincolncity

    Glovebox Key

    Hi mate, I assume you can take the old locks out and fit a new one, rather than the whole lid? How much are they please?
  15. lincolncity

    Glovebox Key

    Excellent mate cheers I will do that. Regards Mark