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  1. Hi Tee, looks a nice car nothing a few hours wont fix.
  2. What sort of job is that fitting wise? Walk in the park or nightmare from hell?
  3. A secret venue??? Does that mean afterwards everybody follows each other to the nearest tesco's car park? Lol
  4. Hi all, had my m.o.t and it failed on a few things, nothing major except the o/s/r brake line started leaking during the m.o.t grrr.. It's leaking from the brake line goes above the fuel tank, has any body breaking a cab that can remove it and sell on, or has anybody got a diagram so I can get one made up? Thank you.
  5. After reading the news today then seeing this joke lol#awkward
  6. She'll soon be putting a smile back on your face mate
  7. Hi all, I've bought the new app but it's asking me for a community name and URL anyone know what they are?
  8. Glad everyone was ok, and wasn't too much damage.
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