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  1. I have a complete XR3i engine and gear that I have had in dry storage for around 10 years. It had about 43.000 miles on it when I removed from my 1989 cabriolet, it is an M.F.I I have lost the dry storage so it needs to be moved A.S.A.P. I only want a nominal amount for it, I would hate for it to be scrapped. It is strapped to a pallet and I can fork lift it into a van or onto a trailer. The engine is located in a unit just off the M4 at Membury. Time is of an essence. Thanks.
  2. E 187cabi, I can't message you but I need to talk to you regarding the 2 into 1 front pipe you have.
  3. Thanks for replying. I'm a welder fabricator so joining it isn't an issue, I have the joining piece made already. The good thing is that I now know that when it goes up on the ramp I won't be wasting time trying to fit it. Thanks again
  4. I have been given a MFI exhaust system for my cabriolet, trouble is mine is an EFI. I can see that the front pipe is different but is any of it interchangeable. Thanks.
  5. catkev3

    Cassette Holder

    This is the part I need. Photo courtesy of All Blue.
  6. catkev3

    Cassette Holder

    Does anyone have the cassette holder for a mk 4 escort. The one I need fits below the graphic equaliser, it is quite slim and has a central divider. Thanks.
  7. I have been given a complete exhaust system for a MFI engine, my engine is an EFI. Are any of the parts interchangeable. Thanks.
  8. Sorry mine is not for sale and I know 8000.00 is a lot of money but a low mileage minter is getting very rare.
  9. I will try and source one. I'm toying with going to the simply ford show in a couple of weeks, I presume there will be an autojumble. Is there any chance of getting the serial number off of your graphic equaliser so I make sure I get the correct one.
  10. Thanks for the pic all blue. I can see now that my amp housing is the same as your graphic. I just need the graphic equaliser and cassette dividers. I took a bit of a punt paying £60.00 inc postage but I'm well chuffed. Older and wiser, that's a good call, I will see what my local Ford dealer can do for me, I've just acquired my new Focus from them so they may look out a bit of info for me.
  11. Thanks for the info.. I will keep an eye out for the graphic but in the meantime I can at least fit the head unit into the car with or without the amp. I won't use the radio cassette which is in lovely condition . The cigarette lighter that is still in the consul has never been used so the head unit isn't sticky with tar. It is nice to have the right gear fitted. The car is totally original now Thanks again.
  12. Yes, I have got the keycode.
  13. I don,t have all the wiring, it has been cut off about 150mm from the back of the radio cassette. I do have the loom to connect the amp to the radio cassette. I think you are saying that if you have the graphic equaliser you don't need the amp. My car has a Pioneer radio cassette with it's amp mounted on the floor behind the centre consul, maybe I will have to set the 2007 the same. My brother is an electrician, I will break the loom news to him but I think he will sort it out. I would still like to see how the 2007 was fitted in the cabriolet, I have the all blue brochure but it does not show it very clear. Thanks for the reply.
  14. I have bought a fd 2007 radio cassette player with amp for my all blue from ebay, I just need the graphic equaliser to complete it. I know that the 2007 was an extra on the all blue back in 1990. The guy sent me a surround with the amp in it and there is a slot where I think the graphic equaliser should fit. Could some kind person send me some pics of their 2007 set -up so that I can fit it as it should be. I also need the graphic equaliser if someone has one. Thanks in advance
  15. catkev3

    My All Blue

    Looks spot on, it,s so nice when the roof runs level with the top of the window. Where is your rear spoiler.?
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