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  1. Looks nice, have not seen one in that shade of red.
  2. Could it be an aftermarket alarm/immobiliser wired up
  3. mk5/mk6 is virtually the same for the roof. Only when the mk6 came out the roof had different seem stitching. Don't know what you have as mk5 ended in 1995 and mk6 started in 1995. H-K reg is mk5a, K-M reg is mk5b, mk6 M-W reg
  4. There are two, but think it is the 2002 version that you need. the newer ones do not have the Escort workshop manual. 2004 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BEST-Ford-Service-Repair-Mechanic-Shop-TIS-OEM-Manual-2004-DVD-Escort-Ka-Mondeo/293131866964?hash=item4440055354:g:5RYAAOSwN2ZdER8z 2003 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WORKSHOP-MANUAL-FORD-TIS-07-2003-TECHNICAL-INFORMATION-SYSTEM-STREETKA-MAVERICK/392807697917?hash=item5b7529cdfd:g:wf8AAOSwnFleqxQe
  5. Link please, that item number doesn't work
  6. Just checked, nothing for mk5/6 their is for mk3/4 but definitely not any of the rubbers that people posted in the pics above
  7. It isn't in the Haynes manual. It is in Ford TIS if you have a copy of it.
  8. Hmmm, I didn't realise they did them. I would check it out
  9. Some Ford car radio wiring connectors & diagrams Car radio wiring connector diagram http://www.tehnomagazin.com/Auto-radio-car-connector/Car-wiring-diagram.htm FORD Car Radio Stereo Audio Wiring Diagram http://www.tehnomagazin.com/Auto-radio-car-connector/FORD-Car-Radio-Wiring-Connector.htm Quadlock Stereo Connector - Sony DAB / USB https://www.fordwiki.co.uk/index.php/Quadlock_Stereo_Connector_-_Sony_DAB_/_USB
  10. To be honest, don't think it is worth it. If it were 10-20 years ago I could understand. You wouldn't find much people to do a conversion anymore, and you probably would be looking in excess of £1000k for a shop to do so. Power gains now are nothing compared to most modern day cars. Not sure what engine you have, but a swap out for a 15 bhp gain and probably 0.5 second knocked off the 0-60mph isn't worth it imo.
  11. Try Euro car parts or ebay
  12. If you saw Top Gear this evening. Had a Ford Escort 1.6 mk6 calypso cabriolet featured. Paddy Mc Guinness drove it. He seems a fan of Escorts. Registration is P446 JOR ✓ Taxed Tax due: 1 January 2021 This vehicle is showing as INSURED on the Motor Insurance Database today Colour Red Fuel type Petrol Date registered 1 August 1996 MOT valid until 30 April 2020
  13. The fuel tanks you can get them new aftermarket on ebay or bodywork shops. The fuel tank sender unit is a bit more harder to come by new. It would be used on ebay or breakers. The 1.4, 1.6. 1.8, 2.0 EFI all used the same pump IIRC. Just make sure that it isn't the mk6 as many of them didn't have the push fit connectors on the pump IIRC and you would have to change them.
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