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  1. If you check the search, there are a lot of other fluids many use. I believe they are mineral based
  2. Have you tried the ignition relay
  3. I believe it is the IB5 gearbox you are after
  4. It is in the Haynes, sure it has been posted here many times before and able to find by doing search. IIRC It was Esso UNIV or some similar name. Other alternatives are from Morris oils and Millers Oils. It is green and a Citreon type fluid. I would not use other fluids mentioned above as they can damage some seals or encourage erosion of some internal parts.
  5. Difficult to understand without pics.
  6. Not heard anyone do that yet. Good luck, would be a lot of work and fabricating to be done.
  7. I do not know if dealers still have them, but many breakers still would. Have you tried ebay? You can see what part numbers they are at https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/
  8. The cabriolet would have had additional metal to make it stiffer due to the roof being removed. Although it still would not be 100% as stiff as a tin top.
  9. There is a section here with roof replacement
  10. Check your crankshaft position sensor out.
  11. Looks nice, have not seen one in that shade of red.
  12. Could it be an aftermarket alarm/immobiliser wired up
  13. mk5/mk6 is virtually the same for the roof. Only when the mk6 came out the roof had different seem stitching. Don't know what you have as mk5 ended in 1995 and mk6 started in 1995. H-K reg is mk5a, K-M reg is mk5b, mk6 M-W reg
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