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  1. As title says I have no time for my project car the loom is damaged. I have the escort cabriolet 1992 painted Kawasaki green with delta 1rear bumper primed delta 1 side skirts green rs cosworth front bumper primed rs cosworth bonnet vents of the car. Interior is all removed as well as dash it's all clean and good condition they are cabriolet seat really comfortable. Roof is scrap lining is ok roof did go up and down without a problem so hydraulics and pump are ok. Two sets of rear lights one is lexus smoked black other is standard. headlights indicators... and have indicators for cosworth bumper. Engine was running sweet but I cannot remove. I don't know if iv broke any rules or if this is in wrong section but I thought I'd try sell here first before start putting on gumtree and ebay. My number is 07958421505. Any parts text or what's app me and I can follow on with price and pictures of parts collection or post. Thanks martyn
  2. Hi guys looking for help with sorting my loom got my escort 3 years ago as a project mechanically everything is perfect, body work and electrics to sort out now but I'm really struggling with electric side of things ideally if somebody could come round and sort it out that would be great lol... So what's happened is ignition switch 5 wires coming out 3 black 1 red 1 yellow... I'm not worried about 1 other black as that's not connected now but what is yellow as I have it going to fuse box but splits and has a plug at end which connects to nothing carnt find another plug anywhere. There are many other problems but with luck I may just buy bits of loom as my current loom has been chopped everywhere . Many thanks martyn
  3. Welcome to Escort Cabriolet Club. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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