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  1. When I got my cabby the previous owner said the electric kit was all there but not finished off. When I look at it the pipes at the pump end have a flange but there is no securing nuts to fit to the pump?? I can't see how they could have come off, perhaps they are not the right pipe as the car is a BITSA in places.. Ideas?
  2. Sorted.. 1st one was a learning curve, never removed an escort regulator before. But once I had worked out how to release the front arm from the glass we were in business. 2nd one was a breeze, took a little longer to get adjusted. Both windows now close nicely. TT
  3. Checked and the wiring is there and works just need to respray them and wait on the trim panels arriving. TT
  4. Got two units cheap, just need to fit em..
  5. the two big pins on the amp are the power, next to that are standard pin+spade speaker outputs, the interlink is the din cable which i think cotrols the amp remote power on
  6. Well, the guy i got the car off said the front seal leaked as the roof had shrunk and would not close tight. I adjusted the claws and it closed nicly anyway, what he either did not realise or was trying to bluff me was that the windows were not closing due to knackered regulators. I pushed them shut and as it's rained today I went and had a peak and all seemed dry. Hopefully going for MOT on saturday, it;s not due till June but I want to make sure it's not goign to fail before I swap insurance and get it on the road. Oh and I bought a spare Mohair anyway... Keep it for a rainy day.. TT
  7. My Mk5A has manual mirrors and the castings on the mounts are broken so they vibrate... Anyhoo, got some Leccy ones, I assume I am going to have to retro fit the wiring, not a biggy as I probably have a sierra mirrror loom somewhere to butcher. But where on earth does the switch go??????? I can't find any pictures... TT
  8. i am not sure if the seal is "best effort" and by design the residue goes to a collection point. the hood has a little gutter. the "sierra" front sunroof drains go into the sills, its like a pre designed ROT creator, could so easily be routed to a safe location ( some, including myself have re-routed them to exit in front of the a-pillar.) I am somewhat assuming the escort is also pre-designed to rot out...
  9. MK5A Should the rear roof to body seal, be tight? Or is it normal for it to leak past and drain out of the sills? It's a little damaged anyway so could do with replacing, but is there any trick to stop it leaking. It does get pushed out by the roof when closing. Cheers TT
  10. So is there a 567 Leather wheel?? Or will a focus one fit??
  11. MK5 Was there ever a leather steering wheel that fits the MK5, retaining the airbag?
  12. If I cant source any cheap, I will have to break out the welder and reform..
  13. Hi Guys and Gals.. Some of you may know me from other forums (XROC, FSOC, And a raft of others...) Anyway, I have just bought a reasonable MK5A There's a few issues, to iron out, big issue at the moment is that the front windows don't close all the way, they stop ~1cm short with a clicking noise. Is this a worn quadrant tooth? or is it a limiting mech which needs adjusted? Cheers TT
  14. Welcome to Escort Cabriolet Club. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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