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  1. So I've managed to get the roof to reach the forward clamps, by extending the hooks a good few turns. I've also loosened all the mounting bolts and disconnected the hydraulic rams and tension cables. Although the roof is now closed it is still short an inch or two. I've been applying vinyl conditioner to the top as I think as the roof has been open for a long time that it may have stiffened up so I'm hoping if I keep tightening the clamps a turn a day that the top will stretch out. Failing this I'm going to run a ratchet strap from the wheels backwards to the roof frame and slowly tension it to straighten any deformation it may have.
  2. Hello Recently acquired a lovely little 91 escort cab in red. The electric roof is in excellent condition with two small hiccups. It doesn't work It doesn't shut. I haven't got into the motorised side of it and I'm not too fussed, I'm more bothered that I cannot close the roof, there is about 2-3 inches that the hood needs to go forward to reach the top of the windscreen. How is this adjusted so that it will close? I perused through the many posts and tutorials which are all fantastic but couldn't find anything specific to my concern Any help appreciated. Thanks
  3. Welcome to Escort Cabriolet Club. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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