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  1. Hi a bit of help required, the car concerned is 89 Tennis, the problem is the fuel gauge shows almost full when turned off and beyond full when ignition is on, it has been doing this intermittently for a number of years and only working very very rarely, I just fill the tank every 300 miles and I get away with it but I have now decided to get to the root of the problem. I have tried to find the sender to test the wiring first ie ground the lead and reading the forum and Haynes manual it says there is a bung under the rear seat but when I lift it there is nothing there just 2 sound deadening panels. Underneath the car to the front of the tank is a plug and socket clipped to the tank with 3 cables, brown, brown and black and one brown and red, my guess is these could go to the sender. Under the wheel arch attached to the top of the fuel filler pipe is a part I don't recognise but may be relevant, something like a pneumatic relay with a small tube 7 or 8 mm going in then coming out and then going into the top of a small canister approx. 70mmx25mm and out again. I don't know if this is all related but cannot find any reference to it in the Haynes manual. I have taken photos with the intention to attach but notice the max size is 0.29mb and unfortunately they are 3mb. I appreciate any help and sorry if I waffled on but wanted to give as much info as possible. Thanks in advance.
  2. I thought you are overdue an update, I eventually found the correct relay and it was as said in the suggestions under the dash tucked right out of the way (not being a contortionist it did take a while to get to it) I replaced it and all works fine.
  3. Thanks Paul, It was my next intention to try it with a direct earth to the battery. You mention to test it whilst cranking, does that mean it bypasses the relay and creates a direct positive to the pump whilst cranking? Steve
  4. Thank you all for your replies and thanks Ian for info to help clarify the engine, despite the original ford purchase paperwork which says it is an EFI it does have a dizzy on the right and FORD on the manifold so it is the MFI. I do have a Haynes manual "Ford Escort (petrol) Sept 1980 to Sept1990" which cover 1117cc to 1597cc it does not cover RS1600i or revised Escort range Sept 1990. Is there a better or more appropriate manual. I have worked out the brown lead to the pump is the earth, so I will try a direct earth lead connection and see if that works which at least will show if there is a earth connection fault. I have also noticed there is a thin tube/hose that goes up inside the wheel arch to a small box like item adjacent to the fuel filler that is not connected as the connection is broken, I have looked in the manual and cannot identify what this is does any one know? Thanks again as the saga continues. Steve
  5. It was registered 01/08/89, for a semi layman is there an easy way of identification for MFI and EFI? Steve
  6. Hi Paul Thanks for your reply, I have double checked as most info I have been given has mentioned the relay being under the dash which as you can see above I have been looking for which I think refers to an MFI, however I have just checked the original Ford Vehicle and Customer Service Record Assurance Certificate and it list's as Cabriolet Tennis 1.6EFI Steve
  7. Hi Ian Thank you for your reply I will try a direct earth to the pump, do you know which of the pump plugs goes to the earth ie the white or the black plug? When I get a moment I will remove the drivers seat and see if I can get a better view ender the dash, so far I have been trying to see under there with a torch and mirror. Reading through some of the old forums some comments have referred to a purple relay which I have not seen under there but I can see a red socket at the far right of the bank I am wondering if that may be the one. I have a Haynes manual but cannot find a solution in there. Ho Hum the joys of an enthusiast. Steve
  8. Update 3 I have since found out that the black relay is the cold start relay, so I am no further advanced in solving the problem, however some further information which hopefully may jog someone's memory in helping me solve the problem. A helpful person who had one of the black relays for sale informed me that it was the cold start relay and he was under the impression that the fuel pump relay was a purple one but when I looked under the dash again in addition to the black cold start relay I could only see a yellow relay and a green relay. According to the Ford Escort Owners Handbook the relay is located in position "V" in the main fuse box in the engine bay however this position is vacant in the Tennis Cabrio, having owned the car since virtually new I am confident that there was never one in this position. Has anyone had to change their fuel pump relay if so where did you find it and which one is it? Or any info would be helpful. Once again thanks in advance. Steve - 1989 Escort Cabrio Tennis
  9. Update 2 I have removed the black relay and it is marked with the following no. 86 AB 12B 528-AA Does anyone know if this is the correct relay and is there anyway of testing it. Again thanks in advance Steve - 1989 Escort Cabrio Tennis
  10. Hi, An Update I have put the car on a ramp and with the aid of a mirror I can see a yellow relay and a green relay both about an inch square and a larger black box which I guess is also a relay with a black wire, 2 green wires and 2 brown wires going into it. Any info would be appreciated especially a part number would be great. Again thanks in advance Steve - 1989 Escort Cabrio Tennis
  11. Hi, I have replaced the fuel pump and it works when connected directly to a power supply but totally dead when connected to the original wiring, I have checked with a meter at the contacts and it is also dead. Prior to replacing the pump I tested the electrics at the connection plug and there was power but the pump itself did not work hence the reason for replacing it, now there is no power to it. I read a few years ago about a separate pump relay located in the cockpit steering wheel area, I have looked and had a feel around but have come across nothing. Am I wrong in my thoughts or does anyone have a more accurate location for it? I have had a problem when searching for a replacement relay, does anyone know the correct part number, or any info please? Thanks in advance Steve - 1989 Escort Cabrio Tennis
  12. Welcome to Escort Cabriolet Club. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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