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  1. hey my old 1 just sold for £4600 at auction i sold it for that 8 years ago it did change hands 5 years ago for 7k
  2. that be great martin. fife is 3.5 hrs away. glad shes getting some love again. it had a after market kenwood in it when i got her regards john
  3. it had 1 owner when i purchased it after being shipped back to the uk as the owner wanted the private plate off it so it was put through a mot tidied up then plate taken off it. i purchased it from manchester 12 years ago for the wife took delivery without even seeing it at a service station handed the cash over drove her home . original owner invented u-ho glue it was his run around when he visited his paid in spain had aprox 4ok on clock when i brought it. drivers wing had been blown in slightly different colour. Anyhow wife couldn't drive it no power steering kept it for a year then sold it through ebay went to scotland ive been looking for her ever since . It was perfect underneath stickers still on struts & parts etc. glad to see shes about to get some loving
  4. nice to see clubs going
  5. 4 x cabbies there last year the club has a marque up in the museum aswell. its a good weekend
  6. is the club gonna show at ford nationals this year at the museum??
  7. https://goo.gl/photos/jX8YScKmSXY1e18U9 heres a google album
  8. i got a lot of pics to redo lol
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