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  1. AlanDStewart

    Worth restoring?

    I didn't pay anything for the car - my brother gave it to me many years back. It drives well - but engine oil leakage, rust on sills and deteriorating hood in need of replacement makes me wonder whether anyone would be prepared to bring it up to an acceptable standard and for me to avoid making a loss on the venture, It has passed its MOT annually without too much difficulty, and is now roadworthy and valid until March 2019
  2. AlanDStewart

    Worth restoring?

    I own a 1988 Mark 4 White Escort Cabriolet Xr3i. Is it worth restoring (financially) or is it more likely a "part's car"? (breaking for spares) ?? The vinyl roof needs replacing. The engine leaks oil - probably from the a manifold on the engine block. The body needs work, and specifically one, possibly two sills need replacing? Aside from that it drives just fine ;-) I live in Chelmsford, Essex. If anyone were interested in taking on a restoration project like this, then please get in touch. I attach some pictures showing its current condition. I'd appreciate an opinion. Obviously, before I go ahead and invest time and energy to any restoration, I need to be sure I won't be pouring resources into something that would produce a fair return on my investment. (even if just to break even). Cheers, Alan
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