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  1. I ordered one from a German website http://cabriozentrum.de/
  2. roof is on, next will be full service, and electrics and should be 99% good as new!
  3. Latest, painted, seats recovered, and new roof waiting to go on!
  4. I still haven't gotten a quote to fit it from the upholsterer yet, but hopefully soon. Last few bits before I drive it again is the seats and roof. It rained heavily here today too, so the roof is kinda needed now! Looking forward to your pics when it is one Pirtek1
  5. I've a spare frame if anyone needs, it's in Malta however...
  6. A couple of others in the process, paint is done. Few touch ups on bumper needed where I found some running, and around back of the roof cable holder above the boot...
  7. I would have to drive up from Malta for lunch! Think the petrol budget would cover it?
  8. Resprayed, seats in for recovering. Cannot upload photos as they are too big!
  9. I got one from Germany, I've to fit myself, around 630 euros including delivery.
  10. I'm in Malta so the convertible is ideal, it is all original, but I don't know the history of it. Would be too far to go on the upholstery but I will have to order the roof in regardless, and that would be the most interesting info I would like to hear! I paid close to €70 for the elastic base from http://capitalseating.co.uk/productdetail.asp?pid=325&type=s&appgrpid=&appid=&rid=61 I'll try take some detailed photos of the decal on the back for the graphics company to do their magic! Thanks for the reply, I tried to upload pics but aside from the one above they are too big (mb rather than kb)
  11. Hi, On here a while and driving my Escort since I got it about a year ago, always with the intention to restore it once I had some cash to put into it. The car drives well, and I have a great mechanic who has a lovely RS Escort so he likes Ford in general. The car had some rust and scrapes, the electrics are shot, passenger window, roof and mirrors, the roof has holes allover and needs replacement. The seats need recovering and the diaphragm on the driver seat gave way while I was driving! Aside from these issues it is all fully original, with bucket seats, and RS bodykit. I would like to repaint, and do again the original green stripe, and ESCORT sticker in green on the boot. There are minor bits and pieces which I will need to complete aside from the roof, which I would appreciate any pointing int he right direction...
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