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  1. Hi Paulas. yup, got the right switch yesterday albeit a toggle switch, but it will do... found this link below http://www.instructables.com/id/HOW-TO%3A-Wire-a-DPDT-rocker-switch-for-reversing-po/ and wired as per above to a spare motor and battery and it works. When I get some time I'l put it the cabby.. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Aha, i think the problem with the switch i bought is that I dont think its a double pole! More research on swithces methinks
  3. Thanks Paulas, I thought thats what had got. The switch I bought is 3 position (it has 3 connecting tags) and the way I wired it definately works one way and the middle position is off but it doest do a thing when switching it the other way. I'm sure someone on here must have done this at some time in the past. Still with the summer we've had so far Ive plenty of time to sort it for next year, maybe!!
  4. Thanks, yes , that is the case but was hoping not to get out of the car and swap wires to motor over to make it go up or down. Surely it can be wired to a new switch that could reverse the polarity for me.
  5. Right, really peed off now. I have been messing with this roof for long enough now and am fed up looking at relay's, wiring, fuses and switches, as well as all the good advice on here as to how to bypass everything using existing gear.... none of it worked!! GGRRrrhh. None of the wiring diagrams bear any resemblance to what the factory installed in my car and suffice to say no other drawing I have seen anywhere comes close. So, my plan was to make it completely independant using a switch and new wiring independant of the current installed wiring etc. I made up a loom of a new 3 way toggle switch and loads of fuses just in case i killed something else and it works one way but not the other. After messing around for a while and blowing a number of fuses it ended up across the garage. So, can anyone supply me with a simple drawing of how I go about doing this and what I need. As you have probably gathered I'm no car electrician.... In fact i'm not an electrician of any sort.... I just dont have an electrical bloody clue. So anything supplied needs to be really simple... er, perhaps a bit like me! As youve probably gathered I know the motor and rams works so its just the bloody wiring or a relay problem I think. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all I'm looking for some tips on removing the starter motor in my cabby. I have a new one to go in. I have been underneath a couple of times now but cant seem to see all the bolts I need to remove... 3 I think plus the electrical connections. Can it be done from the top or is it, as I suspect from underneath. I cant get it on my ramps as the lower bumper hits before it will go up, my trolly jack wont take it high enough to slide ramps under and I dont have any longer planks to lessen the angle. Looks like I may have to slide under using the jack, which really I dont want to do.... too dangerous. Someone on here must have done this before..... how did you do it???? I'm getting old fat and decrepid now so not as agile as once was!! Any help/tips on the best way to do this gratefully accepted as I would really like to get some use from the cabby before the summer disappears again.... or has that already happened! Thanks all
  7. Hi. I have a '97 Escort cabby with a 1.8 zetec engine, the revs are not staying stable...the problem is, from past experience of other Fords, the idle speed control valve. Does anyone know where the hell it lives? I have jacked the car up and even looked with my glasses on and I still cant find the little begger. I was give a brand new one by the previous owner who was going to replace it but he couldnt locate it either. Somebody please help a senile old bugger out. I can do pictures if anyone has any with it in situ!. Thanks
  8. not a million miles away then mate, I'm in Goddard End. It wasn't you I spoke to in Sainsbury 's car park with a light blue special edition cabby on Tuesday was it ?
  9. Thanks Skittles80, I got these off the other day and looks much better without so I may remove the rest at some point. Didn't have any problems getting them off, it was a hot day and they basically peeled away very easily, only left a small patch of glue on the door which also came off quite easily. Result
  10. Managed to somehow release the seat the other day.... didnt realise its only about half of the seat back that folds down... anyway its down now. I removed all the locking gubbins from the rear bulkhead and discovered that a spring was missing from the mechanism. I found the spring in the box section under the lock, put it back on the lock and key presto, a working seat. Thanks all for your help and advice and hope this will help someone else in the future.
  11. Thanks Skittles80 So the whole things are basically glued to the doors. That's very innovative of Ford! Thanks Paul
  12. Hi all The boot release cable in my cabby wont release the rear seat back in order to give me occasional extra luggage space. I can see it operating the catch mechanism at the back of the seat but it doesn't seem to operate it enough to release the seat back. Does anyone know how i can free it from the catch mechanism itself. I have contorted myself around in the boot but just cant see how it can be released. Thanks Paul
  13. Hi all Before I go and wreck my doors and or mouldings can anyone tell me how to remove the mouldings without causing any damage. I'm sure it's perfectly simple but I'm a newbie cabbyist so best get advice first from the boffins All the laquer and paint has come off over time and they look rubbish. Plan is to remove the mouldings and respray them etc. Thanks in advance Paul
  14. Think I might need some new wheels for the future!
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