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  1. Yeah still about! last mot was up in west Yorkshire so contacting all clubs up there. Seems to have completely gone off the face of the earth.
  2. Hi All, I am currently looking for an 87' Escort Cabby, REG: D140 PNM. We owned the car roughly 10 years ago and would love to buy it back for my father as he loved the car. If anybody knows who owns the car or where abouts it might be, please let me know. Many Thanks, Josh
  3. Hi All, This is probably the biggest long shot but I am looking to buy a Turbo Technics kit which are now like hen's teeth. I quite fancied having a Turbo Technics kit over buying an rs turbo engine and dumping that in there mainly to be a bit different. I know they are not as powerful as dumping an rs turbo lump in also but I do not really mind. Does anyone know where I could possibly find a kit? If they are even about anymore Cheers Josh.
  4. Thanks Nick. I am hopefully popping back tonight as I have left it at my grandparents house. So I will have a look at the pipes to see if there is a leak somewhere. I never normally run low on fuel that was just a one off as the petrol station was closed as I had a mate with a Quantum kit car which had a load of crap sucked in and it never ran right when it was drained until the engine was re-built. Thanks for the advice I will give it a good check over
  5. lol yeah exactly at least I knew it was working
  6. Hi John, it is an MFI, so that explains the noisy pump.
  7. Hi All, So I took the escort out at the weekend as it was nice weather. It ran fine on the way there but when I went to start it again after a few hours it would not start. I noticed that there was no fuel pump buzz when turning the key. When I got out and looked underneath it absolutely stank of fuel, I did manage to get it started again but the fuel pump was constantly buzzing when running, as a result I have left it there as I could not take the risk of breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Just want some advice and ideas on what it might be? I thought it might be a relay but we did recently go to a classic car meet and ran low on petrol which made the fuel pump make an awful, loud squeaking noise when I slowed down to park up, this was a couple of months ago but could have played a role in this issue. So, so far I would imagine it is either a relay or the fuel pump but if anyone can shine anymore light on the issue it would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks, Josh
  8. Great to hear Stu! Thanks for the help!
  9. Hi All, Recently I have been having an issue with my Escort where it will not start, to get it to start you have to give it some gas and it will start up straight away. I am a little unsure on what this could be, maybe a valve somewhere? Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and knows how to resolve it. Many Thanks, Josh
  10. That was great Dan! helped me out very much, thank you for your help
  11. Wow that is just madness that the cabby is nearly the same price as the focus!
  12. That is very interesting have not seen that myself would be worth a look
  13. Indeed they are a complete joke mate so places were asking for 10,500! I had a look at adding a black box but it put mine up another £200 which makes no sense either! I did have thoughts of buying a 1.3 ghia mk3/mk4 escort for a year and store the cabby but they are not as cheap to buy as they used to be.
  14. Hi All, I am hopefully going to be driving in the next couple of months. My cabby is my first car that I bought back in Feb which I am hoping to use straight away as soon as I have my full licence. But I either get a quote of 6,500+ for a year or just get rejected, which to me seems insane as it is a 27 year old 1.6 which is really not that fast. If anyone has advise on where I can look or what I should do it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Josh
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