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  1. yeah mainly @RScab but can still smell it with them off . and cheer for the info @Allblue
  2. i will have to check it out tomorrow . dont get me wrong i like curry but to smell it all the while will probs put me of them lol cant have that!!!
  3. i have noticed a little dampness in the front passenger foot well
  4. its in the interior but it comes and goes
  5. i have a strange smell in my cabby . its a spicy kinda smell like curry. has any 1 had this issue before ? i thought it was just me but my friend has also commented on it aswell . Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. added pics not really good at this kinda stuff lol
  7. i have a 1991 mk5a its a 1.6 cvh efi engine . was wanting to add a little more power as its really sluggish . but want to keep the car as original as possible . is there any internal mods i could do without a engine swap ? or if not what engine could i put in it that wouldnt be too much af a pain in the Ass . any advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. tim-mk5

    Help ..

    Cheers for the advice mate
  9. tim-mk5

    Help ..

    hellloooo .i have a escort mk5 cab the reg is . H72REP its a 1991 model . its insured as a 1.6 xr3i but on the logbook it says its only a 1.6 ? i have tried telling my insurance that its not a xr3i but there convinced that it is . can any 1 help me out and tell me how i can find out for sure . would be grateful may thanks . tim
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