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  1. Evening people, hope everyone is well. I've got a slight issue with the steering bush/bearing on the mk4. It's disintegrated lol. Spoke to tc Harrison's near me and they've informed me there no longer available and not even made anymore. And ebay want nearly £20 more than what ford were selling them for. (Normally wouldn't be an issue but I'd like a few for spares) The part number is 6187451 or 87ab-3k538-aa. Anybody know where these would still be available. Any ideas would be fab. Picture to show what it looks like. Regards Lee 23976_a7f48_23976_3-6187451.jpg_____aa2d5d86f9f27f5b
  2. Myself, James and his dad will be at fiesta in the park. Seeing as its 10 minutes from us it's ideal. Lee
  3. Evening people, Well after a lot of testing and mucking about it turns out it was the heater matrix. It was blocked with only a slight flow of water passing through.
  4. It wont let me send a photo, my camera pixels is to high lol
  5. There's no strange smells in the coolant tank or in the rocker cover. Instead of using my original head I bought a replacement. The fan doesn't get chance to come on before it over pressures. The temp gauge reads between the "r & m" on the dash when it happens. I'll try send a photo
  6. Evening guys, played around with the car again yesterday. Flushed out the heater matrix (in case that had anything to do with it) but no joys, still the same. Lasted 25 mins with the fan off this time. I have managed to get hold of a sniffer kit to see if there’s any exhaust gases getting through. Hopefully try that tomorrow after work. would love to try that buddy but the cars got no ticket or test
  7. Alright bud, Its a efi Cvh turbo from a fiesta rs running a stage 2 t3 turbo. Aluminium rad, beige injectors, 195 superchip. Yeah rad was flushed through and bottom hose was warm. Lee
  8. Evening all, need to pick your brains So as most of you have seen the last few years I’ve been having issues with keeping my coolant in my engine bay but i’m Starting to run out of ideas now. So after at lot of diagnosing and running tests I found that the only thing I could find was my head pressures were all over the place. I decided on replacing the head, head skimmed and valves lapped lovely jubbly. New timing belt, tensioner, head gasket, water pump etc etc. So today I was doing the last finishing bits before I could run it, head pressures are 140 on all four cylinders. Started the car and after 5-10 mins coolant was over flowing out of the expansion tank but the fan didn’t cut in once, so checked all the pipes and topped up again with coolant and started it up but this time I switched the fan on manually. It sat there running for 25 -30 mins not a problem, I was going round with a laser temp gauge checking pipe temps and they were all between 50 - 70’c and thermostat was around 88 ish. I thought sweet it’s all ok, I then switched the fan off and with 3 mins coolant was flowing out the expansion tank again. As soon as I switched it off I checked the coolant temp in the tank and it was around 40 -50’c. It’s not really boiling over it just seems to find this pressure when the fan was switched off. I’m just wondering if you guys had any ideas or came across this as I’m at a loose end Lee
  9. And I've just realised I've typed on the wrong year
  10. Afternoon all, am I too late to get tickets? Really gotta check this forum more often
  11. Yeah you too bud, only met dwayne so far from the club. So be good to put faces to names 😃
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