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    Advice On Value Mk3 Cabby And Sadly Sell

    Wow this brings back memories I had one of these but a ghia mk4 version with Weber carb as standard as I couldn't afford the injection variant insurance. If it helps I got my son an even rarer mk3 1.3 carb A reg cabbie last year with full mot on eBay for 1700 I recall but it is a lot more ratty with minor dings, faded paint work and minor rust. My C reg 1.6i is stock not mint but in very good condition and has been independantly agreed valud at 7k. Hope that helps. Jon
  2. 70's lad

    1989 Xr3I

    Nice, out of interest did the SE spec come with the RS 1600i engine or was that a mod in this car too? From my rusty Ford knowledge I think you have at least the 1600i engine rocker cover (that is interchangeable) although from pictures not sure if you have the complete engine; certainly the 1600i had twin coil packs and so maybe it's just the 1600i rocker cover you have...thx
  3. Just in case anyone was following this or if useful for future hits I just completed this job and may have some handy hints if other folk experience issues like me. I thought getting some heat on the stuck seal may help. In absence of not having oxy acetylene at-home I carefully used the heat from a paint stripper gun (like a really good hairdryer), I also soaked the seal with wd40 for a couple of days. Then crunch time it wad very stiff but came out The other (non exhaust) side came out OK but was stiff. Remember to leave one drive shaft in at a time (or use a drift) otherwise Differential will drop within gearbox. Hope this helps.
  4. Oh what fun I'm currently having in getting the old diff oil seals out of my stock Mk3 escort cabriolet - & I used to work in a Ford dealership & so this should be easy for me! It seems on mine 30 years of not being tampered with combined with localised heat as caused my seal casings to weld themselves to the trans casing. Looks like I will need to use the old fashioned hammer & punch to try & tap them round & out. Any further ideas welcome please? Shame I have the new original seals (found in Daventry) ready to go in :-( For info & regarding earlier post I removed my driveshafts complete (once lower TCA pinch bolt & anti roll bar is out of the way) without dismantling the boot - its a bit tight but do-able....
  5. 70's lad

    Where Did I Go Wrong?

    Thanks for the response RScab. I think I will lick my wounds for a few days before I decide what to do. Accessing my garage to get to the Mk3 would be good - its a pain shuffling cars about and someone somewhere may like the idea of getting the Mk5b ready for the spring and summer sun. It seems a waste. However holding out & maybe keeping it a few more months and sticking a MOT on it may not be a bad thing......
  6. 70's lad

    Where Did I Go Wrong?

    Hi All, So despite over a 1000 hits, 34 watchers and 2 genuine calls I did not get one e-bay bid for my Mk5b cabriolet. The auction ended yesterday. The car is not mint but is in very good condition and has mainly been garaged and has an excellent service history backing its 74K miles. 1st owner had it for 17 years and I have had it for almost 4. This has been a great car and has power operated everything. The only reason it needs to go as late last year I finally found what I originally wanted; that is a genuine and unmolested Mk3 Escort Cabriolet 1.6 Injection in dark blue. So shall I wait until the spring and summer sun comes and sell the Mk5b with a full MOT, and hopefully the price will go up, or should I cut my losses now, and try to sell it again on its SORN? To some these are not as desirable as the MK3's but even so I thought I would get a few bites. Perhaps I'm out of touch. Appreciate feed back please guys. Thanks in advance.....
  7. 70's lad

    Fuel Level Sensor

    It's been donkey's years since I have replaced a fuel level sensor on an escort and so my knowledge is now a little rusty - but for what its worth dependant on your model it may be accessible under the rear seat. If not a trick we used to do in the trade - if of course you don't want to drop the tank, is to carefully cut a section of sheet metal (under the seat) and roughly where the level sensor is (may be obvious from the wiring loom) to get access. Of course when you cut you need to be careful not to penetrate the tank! Once level sensor replaced either replace the removed sheet metal or make up a nice section of new sheet metal and affix with small screws and sealant. Unfortunately the level sensor spring typically gets weak - you may notice when going up and down inclines the fuel level gauge bounces about! I also recall the level sensor twists out (not bolts) but I could be wrong. Handy to do with a cabriolet because job is very smelly. However safest & proper route should always be to drop the tank! Hope this helps!