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  1. I don't mind paying for quality.
  2. Thanks Ian, I did speak to them a few months ago and they quoted a ridiculous price to fit the hood.
  3. Hi guys, not been on for ages and last time I was planning to replace my hood I blew my gearbox to bits so that put the hood on hold.Anyway I'm now planning on changing the hood again, my trimmer said the firm that normally supply him are no longer producing hoods for Escort mk3/4 so we need another option, he has fitted 1 or 2 from another supplier and he said they are always tight on one corner. So he said to do a bit of research on the hoods from Prestige. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-Cabriolet-MK3-4-Car-Hood-Hoods-Soft-Top-Tops-Black-Fabric-Mohair/122327635495?ssPageN
  4. I will be there with my cabrio.
  5. The slots are offset so it sounds like your cams need rotating 180 degrees.
  6. Man the garage is in need of a major tidy up, I think it will be easier when I can get the car out. I basically have too much shit, not enough garage.
  7. Cheers Dennis, got a few bits to tidy before it comes off axle stands, I've booked it in for a MOT so that will keep me motivated.
  8. Out of the 2 I would go for the mondeo although it might be a bit more work.
  9. I would start by cleaning the throttle body out with carb cleaner.
  10. Cabrio is back with me but then 2 days later this arrive so I might be busy for a bit yet.
  11. StuDaBear


    Loose pulley, worn camshaft and followers could be a few things. Without hearing it you might be better not running the engine.
  12. I don't mean you personally, cars need using is my point. Manifold and Turbo support bracket made up now.
  13. Got to build them to drive them Dennis, no point leaving it tucked away doing nothing. Bit more progress. So that's the 3" down pipe, then its dropping back to 2.5"
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