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  1. Ollie

    Mk6 Calypso

    well finally got the rear chassis rails welded and got new exhaust sorted :>) this cab will be on the next year
  2. No one else fancy this show then ?
  3. Hi no sadly not as not enough interest this year great little show though so if your attending have a great day regards Ollie
  4. Ollie

    Ford Fest

    no one fancy this event ?
  5. Ollie

    Ford Fair

    1 ticket sold for this event deadline is 10th July to purchase tickets Regards Ollie
  6. i am attending a local show to me john . i hope a few members will attend this year that are a bit closer to the showground . no real interest yet but maybe closer it gets regards ollie
  7. booked my ticket at the moment 5 of us attending so far myself bob dan craig mark Dont forget if you cant make this show there is another one on the same day ( ford nationals ) regards ollie
  8. Ollie

    Ford Fair

    i am still undecided yet . if we get enough members interested it may make my mind up but as ian has said each year numbers are falling due to cost of entry ect all shows this season we are struggling to get reasonable numbers :>( regards ollie
  9. Hi Simon so sorry to be reading this m8 your health and family comes first without a doubt . I no how much you wanted to build this Mk3 so must be a difficult decision to be making . only you no what you paid for parts so hopefully you can sell as a complete job lot to someone who wants to finish it and at least you get most of your money back . if you send me full list with pics etc I will print them off and put them up at the few shows I’m attending this year . In the hope a fellow enthusiast is interested don’t hesitate to give me a call if you wanna chat .
  10. good luck to the new owner :>) a really nice straight example that regards ollie
  11. Only two members down for this event Whats the outcome Paul if we dont get minimum numbers ? regards Colin
  12. Don’t be tight lee see if you can get discount on bulk buying lol
  13. All the shows have been added its up to the individuals members which shows they would like to attend via the club i haven’t made my mind up which shows to attend yet so I will keep an eye on the forums and maybe add myself if there’s enough interest there’s a few local ones that I will attend but the new couple of changed venues added this year are a bit further away and on a good run will make it a very long day . Regards ollie
  14. Hello John not sure yet it has been spoke about and looks like a good venue I’m sure Ian would look after us if we could get enough interest to make a weekend of it cheers Ollie
  15. Get the mk6 on the road and use it as a running project . not have to worry about parking it up and walking away from it in the car parks etc may even get around to giving the mk3 some attention it needs lol
  16. Hi all Show season will soon be upon us once again The first show for us as a club is normally the first weekend of may and has been simplyford down in Hampshire followed by fiesta in the park .well this time they clash with each other and another show held in clacton . ford on the fairway on may 5th it doesn't help us as a club due to lack of members attending shows. tends to be around 5 to 10 members most of the time it may be a case of a couple of members attending each show so please fly the flag for the escort cabriolet club .i will post the shows on our facebook p
  17. Ollie

    mk5 body kit

    cheap enough https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-MK5-CABRIOLET-XR3I-HATCHBACK-RS-BODYKIT-ZENDER-rare/123593242540?hash=item1cc6bb37ac:g:3bYAAOSwhOVXd6AF:rk:17:pf:0
  18. hi welcome to the cabriolet club :>) if you need any help and advice dont hesitate to ask regards ollie
  19. you will notice the difference when opening and closing the vynel roof on a cold day to a hot day . just be very careful not to over stretch them handles other wise you will end up snapping them :<( regards ollie
  20. did you get it sorted ? remove the door cards and there is a bolt that with slight adjustment drops the window . make sure it catches the seal though as to much and you will get a draft if you have a workshop Manuel it does show pics regards ollie
  21. keep an eye on ebay :>) they do come up but most are sold as a kit with pump etc
  22. Here they are Trev turns out it’s the same place I picked my panels up for my mk3 they don’t list them on there website though
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