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  1. Cheers for the reply Paul, I have this info already. I'm looking for the pinouts to feed it from the rear of the ignition switch. There are 2 cables on a pigtail from the ignition switch on a cabrio, just cant remember which is which. Cheers, Lee
  2. Hi all, Could someone post a pic of the back of their ignition switch for me please? Im specifically looking for the pinouts for the radio aerial power source that piggy backs onto it. Cheers, Lee
  3. Looking good Stu! What master cylinder did you go for? Lee
  4. It did happen at high speed, 70MPH on a dual carriageway. My dad said instinct kicked in and he could just see through the vent. It would have totalled it without the check strap. Luckily he was fine and was just slight damage to the car. My dad called "there something up with the car". I'm expecting the gearbox to have shat itself or something broken. I was gutted but glad he was ok. Cheers mate!
  5. So, it's been a while! Just a quick catch up. For the remainder of 2014 she looked like this: In autumn 2014 I drove her 180 miles back to my parents to tuck her up for winter. As my dad was taking her to the garage at my grandparents, this happened: As some of you know, the catches on a mk4 are dodgy anyway, add an FMIC and they're an accident waiting to happen. Luckily I had fitted a check strap and it was connected. The strap took most of the energy out of the flip so it only hit with half the force. It still ripped the section of body. So we set about correcting the damage: And installing Aero Catches (Can't have that again!): She went for paint: She came back gleaming: Then I drove her the 180 miles back to me and added the finishing touches: Time for a spruce up, new valve stem oil seals: But this happened: Undeterred I soldiered on: Done: Took her for a spin: On that drive the rear silencer clamp snapped: Credit where credit is due, 9 and a half years after I purchased it Mongoose honoured the lifetime warranty and replaced it free of charge! I also fitted a wideband controller, a new alternator and a transit connect starter: http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u610/j6lrw/XR3i/31_zpsnlmcdq5d.jpg http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u610/j6lrw/XR3i/32_zps4yik6xgz.jpg A very quick recap! She has an MOT in a few days so we'll see how that goes... Lee
  6. As far as I'm aware, the Escort Cosworth in-tank pump is the pump used when uprating an EFi Escort or Fiesta Lee
  7. Cheers mate. The paint was a great find. I was thinking of doing it wrinkle black like the rocker cover but this finish is much more OEM. Breather is nice and effective. Just need a few lengths of silicone hose to replace the rubber and it'll be sweet. Tried to fit an AMAL valve last week but it looks like my chip doesn't cater for it... Great. I'll just have to stick to the bleed valve. Next on the list is to re-fit the cooling fans one run lower and also fit the turbo cooler. Lee
  8. A lot of us have been there mate! Hopefully it's just the matter of a new gasket Lee
  9. I made my gauge holder myself out of a standard unit, and Audi 80 gauge pod and some fibreglass. The two oil gauges came from an Audi 80 and the pod came with them. This is the paint: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/370768045778 It's very forgiving of the surface too. Lee
  10. Cheers mate! I finally got round to re-painting my gauge pod today. I wasn't keen on the satin black finish so I bought a can of textured bumper paint. Apparently used when repairing black plastic bumpers. Turned out way better than I expected: Lee
  11. Sounds like a plan! I prefer the EFi turbo CVH. It sounds exactly the same from the exhaust, but you get a load of chatter to go with it Win win! Lee
  12. Morning all, A neighbor of mine is organising a local motor show in Kent, just spreading the word: They also have a FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/403105356500434/ Lee
  13. Been a while since I was last on! Had her dyno'd. I was convinced to keep the boost to 10PSI for the sake of reliability and she made 162BHP. Happy with that! Been enjoying the sunshine ever since! The latest addition is the Spec-R breather to stop the oil cap popping off: Lee
  14. Sounds to me like one of the crankcase breather hoses is blocked and it's forcing oil out of the rocker cover. Check the breather hose from the rocker cover to the block isn't blocked (right hand side as you look at the engine). Lee
  15. You can put a catch tank there, but you still need to connect those vacuum pipes to it. You could for example use a bailey or spec-r one, which have the correct connectors. If you go for a universal one then make sure you connect the vacuum lines to it some how and it's vented to atmosphere at some point. I was going to fit a catch tank, but at £5 a go I decided to make the breather filter a regular service item along with an oil change. By the way, you can use the smaller breather as found on all other CVH's, I do on my EFi Turbo. Lee
  16. Glad to hear it's running better, hope it stays that way. Yes the breather filter is the little black pot. If you've removed and soaked all those pipes and the iscv piping then you may well have dislodged a blockage that was causing your issues. Like I said, the 2 vacuum pipes to the breather from the inlet manifold are usually my first port of call and often overlooked. I spent countless hours trying to sort my poor idle and stalling issues after I removed that pot and blocked off those pipes... Turns out you need 'em! Lee
  17. There's your issue right there. The car should not cut out when you unplug the ISCV and 700rpm is low for a warm idle. Have you changed the breather filter on the left side of the engine? These will cause the issues you describe as the engine draws in air to assist idle. Try taking the vacuum pipe off the breather filter with the engine running to see if it makes a difference. It may bring the revs up to nearer 900rpm which would suggest you just need a new filter, simple job and they're only £5. Lee
  18. I guess we should ask: once it's started does it run and sound like normal? Does the earth point down by the horns look clean? Lee
  19. Doesn't sound like the head gasket at all... Stalling at junctions will most likely just be the ISCV and breather system needs a clean. But get the guy to replace the starter. Kind regards,
  20. If it bump starts, then it must be the starter motor. Like I say, a "diesel" one will start it quicker than the standard one due to it being higher torque. I'm guessing it's faulty. Lee
  21. When the car is idling high at 1500rpm, if you disconnect the Idle Speed Control Valve (ISCV) wiring does the car cut out or idle normally? If it idles just under 750rpm then the ISCV just needs a clean The ISCV is really easy to clean. Take it off the side of the inlet and you'll see two openings in it. Liberally clean it inside with brake cleaner. Also check the piping is clear of any debris and the holes in the inlet are clear. Next thing to check is the breather pot and the vacuum pipe to it. If either of these are blocked it will cause poor idle. Lee
  22. The original application of the starter motor is irrelevant. The "Diesel" starter motor will just be a higher torque starter motor so in theory should start the engine quicker. A lot of RS Turbo's run Transit Connect Diesel starter motors. If the starter motor was second hand then there may be an issue, also don't disregard the unit as being faulty. If the car sounds like a diesel there must be a mechanical fault somewhere. Does the engine actually turn over on the starter? I had a gamble with a starter motor from a MK2 Focus off ebay on my CVH. All fitted but the dog wouldn't engage with the flywheel so it just whirred at me. Do you get a spark when it turns over? Can you smell fuel on the plugs after an unsuccessful attempt at starting? Can you bump start it? Lee
  23. I was let down at the last minute with the rolling road, but she's booked back in for June. I haven't let that hold me back though, done 150 odd miles this weekend, lots of fun had! The chatter is immense, and she pulls like a train with only 6psi boost. Look forward to a setup and 14psi boost!
  24. Yeah that's the ones. Try it with insulation tape first, I think it'll break it up a bit Lee
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