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  1. Time flies when you don't have a car to refurb for years. :sad:

  2. Hope the new owners come here and can finish off the remaining bits to do.
  3. Throwing a match at it would be awesome, But around summer time the Fez and Cab are gonna be moved on I think I want something RWD and with a bit more poke than a crap Mk5 that could do with a match too but it would survive and haunt me stupid thing can't kill it no matter how hard I drive it.
  4. Still got it and the Fez might fix the electrics in the sunshine sometime and see what I an do with it.
  5. Still got a crap cab lol!

    1. gingergman


      good! dont get rid of it!

  6. Might be the pipes from the cooling system for the oil cooling sandwich plate?
  7. Nah cab is up for sale and someone wanted to take it to Poland as its cheaper to respray it out there.
  8. That is a great moment after the work you put in to it and have a drive. Sounds great.
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