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    New club banners

    By Paul,
    Anyone good with photoshop to create some new exciting club banners ?

    '95 Mk6 1.4

    By Jerry,
    Hi everyone, I picked up a dark grey Mk6 today. been bodged here and there but its still a good motor. Had arm wrestling windows, previous owner put in lazy elecy windows. But put the switch in the door. I want to re-wire them and have them wired up correctly in the center console. Currently the elecy roof is powered by a button that should normally be the righthand window. can someone show me how center console should look like in a mk6. or point me in the right direction of an elecy roof switch...   cheers!

    Escort cabriolet full tonneau fitting

    By allblue,
    Hello all A Long time since I last posted.  But a couple of years back I sourced a full tonneau for my mk6 cabrio.  Now my car did not have this option from the factory, so I brought some tenax pegs and after careful measuring, fitted them into the dash.    So far I have been using the cover with just the tenax pegs to secure it: It looked ok,but sagged in the middle as I could not secure it to the b pillar as intended. I have now managed to source a fitting kit from a cab that was being broken.  I've got the a pillar eyelets, b pillar eyelets (both sides), the a pillar rubber, b pillar rubber, b pillar plastic cover and the rear passenger cards (which has the Velcro fastener riveted to it Managed today to get the easy bit out of the way, fitting the a pillar eyelets.  The a pillar rubber has the cut outs from the factory, where the eyelet is mounted, so that the trim does not get in the way..  This meant I did not have to cut my rubber trim and made the job more straightforward. Next on the list to is remove the rear cards and rivet the Velcro bits to the back (where the badge goes).  Then next is to fit the b pillar mounts.  Not sure if the holes are there or if I need to drill some.  As with the a pillar trim, the b pillar rubber and plastic surround have the cut outs in place already, so should speed up the process,