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  1. Ollie

    Escort cabriolet full tonneau fitting

    nice job the mk6 i have has all the fittings for the the full cover but sadly no cover :>(
  2. Think you may have to ask wendy to do some posing m8
  3. Reckon we should have an unveiling ceremony when its done den :>)
  4. Ollie

    Event: Simply Ford

    Just to let everyone no they have confirmed a space for us so turn up and pay on the day and mention the escort cabriolet club and they will send you in the right direction to find ian ?
  5. Ollie

    Body shop recommendations?

    dan Theres only one place i can recommend and thats the fella you brought it off he done such a great job on it the first time .it will be worth the money to transport it up there and back you no it makes sense ollie :>)
  6. Ollie

    Event: Simply Ford

    Still waiting for confirmation on this one ian will send another email not looking to good on the members attending at the moment
  7. Ollie

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    very nice :>) looks in better condition than the blue mk6 ive got love the capri had a couple in my youth
  8. Ollie

    Event: Fiesta In The Park

    nice one rob see you there
  9. Ollie

    Advice On Value Mk3 Cabby And Sadly Sell

    hi paul lovely example of the cabriolet you have there like others have said its hard to put a price and value on your cabby plenty of others out there for sale and it all depends on what people are after . colours spec etc its definitely worth placing in a classic car mag or coming to car shows to let people have a good look around it good luck with what ever you decide to put it up for regards ollie
  10. Ollie

    Can You Still Get White Roofs Fitted Please?

    carhood warehouse ... they were in chessington but believe they have relocated to kent :>)
  11. Ollie

    Mk5 B Ford Uk Promotional Car

    Hi rob sent you a couple of pics via email hope they help regards Ollie
  12. Ollie

    Restoring My Cab

    welcome to the cabriolet club Helen can we have some more details on your cabby please . year /model etc regards ollie
  13. Ollie

    Mk5 B Ford Uk Promotional Car

    hi rob love the colour .dont see many about now nice to see the full cover being used . regards ollie
  14. Ollie

    Mk5 Locking Wheel Nut Removal Problem

    i share your pain i have had major issues with removing wheel nuts n my mk6 .. i have tried everything apart from the welding trick i am gonna end up cutting the wheels off and replacing front hubs both front wheels are the issue and not just the locking wheel nuts . not sure if its cheap wheelnuts are the problem as three on one side have rounded off and one on the other good luck ollie
  15. Ollie

    Event: Simply Ford

    hi all if we can have a rough idea on numbers as soon as possible please as last year a few of us drove down on the day rather than stay at the caravan site like previous years . its a great site and plenty to do :>) i myself am not 100 percent on attending this year due to other commitments so it would be great if we can still represent the club Thanks in advance Ollie :>)