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    Drives: 93 Escort Si Cabriolet & 81 Capri 2.0 GL
  1. Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    If I get a chance over the weekend, the carpet is getting jet washed. It's only been sat in my garage for a few days and it's already making the place smell like an ashtray!
  2. Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    I started stripping the Mistral down today to see what I've got to work with and if it's worth saving. I knew when I bought it that the bottom of the front wings have gone and there were blisters on each of the sills. Someone has carried out a pretty poor repair on the sills. Basically a patch barely welded and held in place with filler. Removed it all with my hand. Looking through the hole it left, the inners look ok. Stripped the disgustingly filthy interior and removed the soggy carpets to get a look at the floors and inner sills. These are thankfully solid and surprisingly clean. Hopefully the soggy carpets are the result of some numpty running additional stereo cabling from the engine bay around the outside of the A pillars and under the door seals. The engine bay is clean and battery tray are ok. On the whole, I think it can be turned around.
  3. Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Don't worry. Fixed it.
  4. Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Thanks. It's certainly well loved and will never leave me.
  5. Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    FAO Admin: Is it possible to edit posts? I've stupidly killed the link to the pics in the first post. I can repair the link if edit is available. Cheers.
  6. Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    The photos are flattering. It's certainly the filthiest car I've every purchased. Once it's stopped raining I'll get some more pics.
  7. Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    A few pics of my Capri as requested.
  8. Event: Fiesta In The Park

    Don't worry. Renewed my membership and answered my own question. See you there!
  9. Event: Fiesta In The Park

    I've just realised that my membership has lapsed. Would this stop a payment link from showing on the events page?
  10. Event: Fiesta In The Park

    I will come along to this one, so count me in. Is it pay in advance or on the day?
  11. Event: Fiesta In The Park

    Are any of you guys attending this show?
  12. Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Those 17s are coming off as soon as possible. I doubt I would of bought the car if the original wheels had been missing. Ive only just noticed my Capri in the background. Its a 2.0 GL in Dove Grey - believed to be the only one left in that colour. Its done 45k. Purchased new by my Grandad and passed ownership to me 17 years ago. Ill dig out some pics.
  13. My latest purchase - a 1994 1.6 Mistral! Bought for little more than scrap money. It has MOT until the end of May and needs a little TLC - namely, the bottom of the front wings and a patch at the back end of the sills. When I viewed it, it look as though the roof had been opened and been used as a skip (Ive never seen so much rubbish in a car), but ran as sweet as. Its currently on a set of Wolfrace alloys, but owner also chucked in the original alloys. After getting it home and going through the paperwork, I found receipts for the fitment of a 33k mile engine, new cam belt, water pump & ECU in May 2017 and 12 months before, a full cat back stainless exhaust. As purchased As purchased by previous owner Sept 2017
  14. Mk5 B Ford Uk Promotional Car

    Cheers. She's not far off! There's a few little trim bits required and I want to reinstate the original vinyl roof at some point. It currently has a MK6 mohair fitted. I have the original roof in storage, until I get round to having it recovered.
  15. Mk5 B Ford Uk Promotional Car

    Do you happen to know when the XR3i ceased and Si production started?